My blog is five!

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NOTE: I’ve had to schedule this post due to being away, so all statistics are as of 2 June 2013, when I wrote this post.

Today, 12 June 2013, marks five whole years since I started this blog! My first post was a simple introduction, and pretty boring if I’m honest. I like to think things have improved since then 😉 (if nothing else, I’ve learned that images make a blog post much more appealing!) I had to wait a whole week after starting my blog for my first comment, which was on this post.

Here are some random facts about Confuzzledom:

As of right now, my blog has been viewed 41,106 times. That’s a lot of views!

Not including searches for “confuzzledom”, the top five search terms that have brought people to my blog are:

  • I wouldn’t thank you for a valentine poem / I wouldn’t thank you for a valentine
  • things to do when you are bored
  • photo challenge list
  • if you chase two rabbits you will lose them both
  • postman poem

And my five most viewed posts are:

You can see the correlation with the search terms, can’t you?

The following searches have only led one or two people to my blog, but they never fail to amuse me. These are my five favourite search terms, in no particular order:

  • I’ve got a headache, could I have drunk (Drunk what exactly? Poison? Beer? Melted yellow snow?)
  •  bahn bahntalkingg to me like i dumb (Based on your search, they may have a point…)
  • Penis “market square” Tübingen (Dare I ask?)
  • I must continue my quest to slay the red light (I liked this one so much, I even blogged about it)
  • Are there trees tall enough that go in the clouds? (I’m not entirely sure why this one amuses me so much…)
    Tree, clouds, sky
    Tree, clouds, sky (Photo credit: ctorgan)


I would also like to give an honourary mention to the word “brain” – not because it’s particularly amusing, but 35 people have found my blog by searching for it. They must have spent a lot of time clicking through Google results…

These are the five posts that have got the most comments, although I find the method of working out the numbers slightly unfair – WordPress includes the comments I make myself in the count (replies to other people’s comments I hasten to add. I haven’t quite reached the stage of having conversations with myself yet…)

And I shall also include the following posts (although it makes the total number six) because it has the exact same number of comments as the last one in the above list – so technically, it’s joint fifth:

When I started this blog five years ago, I wasn’t expecting it to carry on for this long.
I originally started blogging via MSN spaces (which later became Windows live spaces) while I was in my final year of university. Basically, it was a way to procrastinate instead of getting on with my work. When I moved to Austria after graduation, I kept up with the blog as a way of keeping touch with friends back home, and also as a way to vent about how I was feeling – something I discovered to be an excellent alternative to actually having close friends around me to speak to.

That blog is long gone now (it was deleted when live spaces ceased to exist – stupidly I never did take the boyfriend’s advice and download what I’d written on there!), and this one has been going for a whole five years! I always thought that I’d some point I would grow out of blogging – back then, I thought blogs were only for teenagers, and childish twenty-somethings like me, who still read children’s books and had no idea what they wanted from life. Since then, I’ve got to know some amazing people, discovered that there is a place in the blogging world for people from all age groups and walks of life and realised that revealing my inner thoughts to the Internet is an excellent way to keep myself sane!

Which Way To Go?
Which Way To Go? (Photo credit: theevilmightyf)

At nearly 30 years old, I still have no idea where my life is going, but whaetever happens in the future, I hope my blog (and all you lovely readers) will be right there with me. Here’s to the next 5 years!


Cookies for my blog’s birthday

Usually I try not to write too much about my relationship. Obviously the boyfriend gets plenty of mentions… it would be pretty hard to write about my life without him coming into it somewhere… but I don’t really write much about the relationship itself. There are reasons for this.
I hate people whose blogs seem to make out they’re in this perfect relationship where nothing ever goes wrong, there are never fights about silly things or periods where you can’t stay in the same room together… I’ve found my soulmate and everything is so perfect and we’re meant to be together forever type thing. Nobody’s relationship is that perfect and all that sugary sweetness just makes me want to puke. So if I were to only write about the good parts of my relationship, the times when the boyfriend is wonderful, we hardly have any fights and I’m happy, happy, happy it would be slightly hypocritical, don’t ya think? Buuut, I don’t think it’s really fair to the boyfriend for me to write too much about the bad stuff. I mean the entire world (or at least that part of it that speaks English) can read my blog, and it’s not like he can defend himself here, is it? There are lapses though. Sometimes when the boyfriend does something that really, really annoys me or we have our third fight in less than 3 days or I’m just sexually frustrated because the boyfriend would rather sleep til one o’clock in the afternoon than… well, y’know (and this is happening for something like the third time this month) I find myself breaking down and blogging about it. It’s better than the alternative… which may or may not involve breaking things. Lesser of two evils and all that. Soo you may feel free to ignore my last post if you wish. And I won’t tell you too much about the rest of yesterday. There was shouting, there were tears, we finally talked about some things that should have been talked about a long, long time ago… and yes, there was make-up sex (I know you’re all curious about that one ;-)). Let’s just leave it at that shall we.

Anywaay, after the boyfriend and I had made up yesterday I decided I needed junk food. Unfortunately he is now paying for the shopping (I’m unemployed, remember), so all we ever get is boring, sensible things like vegetables and milk. And yesterday was a holiday (Corpus Christi… possibly) which meant all the shops were closed. So I decided the way forward was clearly to bake something. My original idea was cupcakes but then Jan planted the word “cookies” in my head and I could not resist. One extensive Google search, a sore arm from mixing and a sugar covered kitchen later we had chocolate chip cookies, just in time for my blog’s first birthday (which is today).

And on that note I shall leave you.
Cookie anyone?cookies