Summer Reading Challenge: Month 3

July is over, which means it’s time for my third monthly check in for the 2014 Summer Reading Challenge with Megan over at Semi-Charmed Kinda Life. I’ve read a lot of books this month, but only two for the challenge. Every little helps, though, right? Here are the categories I completed in July:

25 points: Read a book written by a blogger
Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh. I loved this book! But I knew I was going to because I adore the blog and a lot of the stories were from there. I’m still sad that the Alot was missing, though. You can see my full review on this one here.

25 points: Read a biography, autobiography or memoir
Captain James Cook by Richard Hough – 445 pages. Another book that I really enjoyed. Usually I’m slow at reading non-fiction books, even if I find the subject interesting. I have to take them to work with me so I’m forced to read them on the train (it’s that or be bored for the entire commute), but with this one I got through pretty fast. I think it’s because it’s written more in the style of a story about someone’s life, so it’s less dry. I’ve been interested in Captain Cook ever since I went to a museum (somewhere in Yorkshire) about his life and voyages when I was little, and it was nice to find out even more about him and fill in the gaps where I’d forgotten some of things I’d learned when I was 10. If you’re interested in Captain Cook’s voyages, I would certainly recommend this book.

So, that’s another 50 points, meaning I’m now up to 190. I have just one more category to complete – read a book you didn’t finish the first time. I’ve chosen The 13 and a Half Lives of Captain Bluebear and I’ve already got further than I did the first time (Jan and I were reading it together before and we managed the first two chapters… I’ve now read four!). Unfortunately, I can’t take this one too work as it’s too big for my handbag, so I’m having to find time for it at home, in between everything else that needs doing around here! I have all month though, so hopefully I’ll make it. I’d hate to fail the first ever reading challenge I take part in 😉

Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh

I read this book as part of the 2014 summer reading challenge with Megan at Semi-Charmed Kind of Life. This book was for the category “Read a book written by a blogger” which is worth 25 points.

book5The plot
If you’ve read the Hyperbole and a Half blog, then I don’t need to tell you what the book is about. And if you haven’t read the blog then why not? Have you been living under a rock? 😉 Basically, both the blog and the book feature anecdotes from the author’s life complete with hilarious cartoon-style pictures. The book has some stories that have featured on the blog plus some new ones.

My review
I knew before this book even arrived that it was going to be a good one. I love the blog, so I was fairly confident that I was going to love the book. And I did. Simple blog is my favourite character, and Allie’s post on depression should be a must read for everyone (here’s a link, go read). This book gets ALL THE STARS! (If you don’t get that, go read the blog!) Allie is very, very funny – even when talking about serious topics – and I love her drawings. The only disappointing thing in my opinion was the lack of Alot in the book. The Alot is my absolute favourite blog post by any blogger, ever! Also, some of the later stories weren’t quite as good. But overall, the book is amazingly excellent and definitely gets 5 out of 5 stars from me.