Still alive (just)

The boyfriend has very kindly let me use his internets while he’s at the bakers buying our breakfast (although he’s back now so I’d better be QUICK).
Despite the fact that it’s Thursday we’re up mega ridiculously early because he’s going away with work tomorrow and while they’re there he has to present what he plans to do for his thesis. He’s going to Spain. Spain!! My work never even lets me go into town, never mind Spain!
This is the third, or possibly fourth, time he’s been away this year. Not too sure, I’ve lost count. I’m a bit like a work widow. Except without the part where I actually have a husband. Hmm.

Anyway, the flat is what I should talk about I suppose. I’m sure you’re all dying to hear about it 😉
The living room is still a box-filled disaster zone. It’s driving me mental! Not much I can do about it yet though, unfortunately. I can’t afford furniture until I get paid and until I have furniture my things can’t come out of their boxes and be put away. One shelf of my bookcase is already doubling as a kitchen cupboard and there’s only so much you can stack on the windowsills – especially if you still want to be able to see what’s outside! But as long as I completely ignore the living room all is wonderful. My bedroom is really starting to look like mine. I stuck postcards on the back of my door the other day (sooo late teens, I know). It looks really good! Now if only I could get round to having my art framed. And actually remember to buy some nails so I can put it up once it is. Can you believe I have to go to an actual DIY store to buy nails here? Supermarkets don’t sell them! Why can’t Germany just have one place that sells everything like normal countries do? You can’t even buy paracetamol here without going to the chemist!

Ooh, and almost forgot. A billion thanks to the amazing Just Me, aka the chocolate fairlyfor my yummy scrummy chocolate eggs. From Thorntons! Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had Thorntons chocloate? A long, long time, that’s for sure.
And also, my thanks go out to the wonderful Odette. My happiness prize arrived just the other day and I heart, heart, heart it. I’ve already sent one of the tree pictures to the boyfriend’s sister, because I just know she will love it to.

And now I must go and let the boyfriend do his work. Until next time I manage to sneak my way onto a computer that’s connected to the internets…