Back at work

The wisdom tooth pain was much better by yesterday afternoon, so I went to watch Jan’s choir perform. It was part of a festival that was taking place in Karlsruhe’s Weststadt (literally West Town – such creative naming!) and they were singing three times. The first, and best, performance was in a bar where I managed to drink a whole orange juice without wincing too much.

♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

English: Sable short-haired Syrian Hamster.
I looked just like him.. except less furry. And with an ice cream cone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The second performance was outdoors and the members of the choir couldn’t hear one another properly. They also sang some harder songs this time, and not all of them sounded as good as they could have. I don’t think the audience noticed though. After the performance, the choir members were offered food and drinks. There was bread with soft cheese on top (the same texture as cheese triangles, but actual cheese) so Jan give me a piece of his, which I was able to let melt in my mouth. The first time in four days that I’d eaten something other than soup or ice cream! It was delicious, let me tell you! Later, I had an ice cream and even managed to eat most of the cone (by nibbling off the bits that had been softened by ice cream then letting them dissolve in my mouth… yes, nibbling! I literally was a hamster!)

♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

Performance three was outdoors again, at a massage practice. The program consisted of a mixture of songs from the first two performances and was a mixture of good and not-so-good. Some people had never sung outdoors before, which explains a lot. The indoor performance at the start was definitely the best of the three… even non-musical me noticed that!

♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

By the time we got home, I was starting to feel pain again but nowhere near as bad as previously! It was annoying, but bearable. I still took a painkiller before tea though. Jan made me some Heinz Mulligatawny soup with a slice of bread in (minus the crusts) and I ate all the bread plus about two thirds of the soup. Last night, I slept all the way from 11 pm to 4:30 am – my longest sleep in about two weeks! I woke up in some pain at 4:30, but rinsing my mouth with cold water was enough to make it die down enough to get back to sleep.

*Warning: Squeamish people, skip to the next paragraph!* As yesterday went on, I found I was able to open my mouth more and more. The last few days I’ve been convinced I could feel the end of my stitches scraping on my tongue (at one point I was worrying that the stitches were coming loose!). Last night, I was able to open my mouth wide enough to actually see the stitches. The ends were indeed quite long, so they probably really are scratching my tongue! The stitches on the right are nice and neat – just one or two visible and neatly tied off. On the left, where I originally had toothache and where my tooth was almost sideways, the stitches look like a spide sitting inside my gum! No wonder the swelling on that side hasn’t completely gone down yet… The wounds looked pretty healthy though (as far as I can tell anyway, not being a dentist or anything…). they’re not red or diseased looking and there were no bits of food hanging around. No bleeding any more either, so obviously the feeling that my wound was coming open every time I swallowed was just paranoia…

This morning both the pain and the swelling were almost gone, so I decided to come to work. I took a painkiller just to get rid of the nagging pain, and so far I haven’t felt a thing. Swallowing is still uncomfortable and weird, but no longer horribly painful, and this morning I managed to eat a Milch-Schnitte.* I still can’t chew, but I was able to mush it up enough to swallow using my tongue and top front teeth. Tonight, I shall try some carrots and potatoes mashed together… if I can be bothered to peel, chop and mash them!

* For those who don’t know, Milch-Schnitte consists of two thin slices of chocolate cake with a smooth honey/milk filling between the slices. Those who speak German may be interested in this Chefkoch recipe for home-made Milchschnitte:

Sometimes staying home alone is the best policy

In September, Jan’s choir took part in an event called “The Westside Festival”, a musical and culinary event that took place in and around a square in the western part of Karlsruhe. One member of the choir was involved in organising the festival, which is how the choir came to be involved in the first place. The “headliner” (so to speak) of the festival was a group calling themselves “The Westend Girls” and because those who were organising it weren’t actually able to watch the performance – being too busy dealing with organisational matters – the group are performing again, just for those who were involved in arranging the festival. T – the choir member who was one of the organisers – managed to get the rest of the choir invited as well, so that’s where Jan is as well. Apparantly there was some space for extra people (although it would quickly run out if everyone brought a plus one), so he invited me to come along. After much deliberation, I decided this morning that I didn’t feel like it. I was tired and didn’t think I’d be in the mood for staying out late.

This evening, waiting on the platform to come home. I was pleased I had decided against going out. It was cold, my train was delayed and every now and then a gust of wind would drive a flurry of snow into my face. Not pleasant! So instead of listening to a group of singers on the opposite side of town, tonight shall consist of pyjamas, nice hot tea and my latest cross stitch project. Sometimes, staying home alone is the best policy!

Tea anyone?
Tea anyone?

Let the choir sing

The boyriend’s choir is practising here tonight because theperson whose place they usually practice at can’t make it, so I’ve been banished to the spare bedroom. Actually, that’s not strictly true. I could have stayed in the living room and watched them, but honestly where’s the point in that? In reality I took myself off to the spare room, becuse at least the computer is in here. And my cross stitch. And other things to do, like moving all the stuff off the spare bed so that someone can actually sleep in it on Saturday. But saying I had been banished sounded so much more dramatic – although I’ve kind of spoiled that now with this explanation.

People coming round meant I had to rush home from work this evening (as much as one can rush when relying on Deutsche Bahn – for once my train was not delayed!) and attempt to sort out the chaos that was our flat. The living room was most important, because that’s where the practising takes place, but the kitchen was in a state that can only be described as absolute chaos. Definitely not suitable for the eyes of visitors! Which is why, after yet another long day at work, I found myself folding clothes, washing dishes and taking down rubbish. I would love to say that this was only necessary due to my having being ill, but regular readers would know that was a lie. Really, I’m just a terrible housewife… and Jan is no better! Having got the flat into a semi-decent state (it would not pass my grandma’s inspection, but luckily she’s in England) I had to quickly cook the two of us something for tea before the choir turned up. We had baked beans on toast. Not strictly cooking, I know but at least it was hot! And I grated Cheddar cheese on top – that’s practically a gourmet meal, that is. The alternative would have been muesli (which I hate so actually that wouldn’t have been an alternative at all).

And where was Jan in all this, you may ask. After all, it’s his choir! Well, he didn’t make it home til around 20 past 7 (choir practice is supposed to start at 8, although it’s now 10 past and only 2 people have arrived!), but when he did get here he cleaned the bathroom a little and finished cleaning the living room. He’s not all bad 😉

And why am I blogging about housework? Well, it may have something to do with the fact that I have nothing else to say and I’m trying to avoid the pile of work that I brought home with me to do this evening (deadline tomorrow at 10! Won’t get it all finished if I don’t do some tonight!). Pracrastination is responsible for a lot you know! Check out this YouTube video. Says it all, really…

Nothing to say ’cause I’ve said it all anyway

Sometimes I wonder why I bother writing new blog posts. Everything I have to say has already happened to me a some point anyway. I might as well just post a link to a previous blog post and let you all read that instead.
But, of course, we all know I could never do that. So you’re just going to have to put up with the fact that my life is incredibly repetitive. Ha!

So the boyfriend is at his choir thing, which is apparantly not a competition at all. It’s just something that choirs can turn up at and sing. Or something. To be honest I don’t even know where it is, never mind what it is, which probably say something about how much we’ve been communicating lately (I didn’t even know until Friday that it was happening this weekend!)

Last night we went to see Up. Very good film, and not just for kids. The story was brilliant. It made me cry though. Grr, I hate crying in the cinema! But at least I wasn’t the only one… I saw at least two other people rubbing their eyes. We went to the 9pm showing, so obviously there were no kids around. Instead the entire room was filled with couples (apart from one middle-aged man at the end of our row who seemed to be alone). I wonder how many of the guys actually wanted to go and see that particular film? 😉

Anyway, despite yesterday’s good intentions I still haven’t managed to clean my flat (no surprises there then) so I’m off to do it before I think of any more excuses to put it off…
Hope you’ve all had a great weekend!

No rest for the wicked…

Jan’s choir are taking part in some competition tomorrow, so today they’re having an extra practice to prepare. He went to meet them at 12. When I asked what time he’d be back he told me it depends how long everyone can stay for but “probably around 3:30 pm”. That means I’ll be on my own for most of today, and then again tomorrow while they’re competing. And being home alone means I have no excuse not to get on with the housework, which I’ve been ignoring all week because after work I barely have time to make tea never mind clean the shower.
Housework weekend it is then. Unless anyone would like to send me a maid? We could call it an early Christmas present…