A New Year’s walk

Not much has been going on recently, hence the lack of blog posts. Luckily I still have a few things to write about from back when I was too busy cross stitching to even think about my blog…

On New Year’s Day, it actually stopped raining for a change (although it was cloudy), so after a large brunch we decided to take our friends out for a walk. First, we went to Bottmingen, a fairly nondescript small town just outside Basel, but which has a castle (not really a castle as such, although that’s what it’s called. It’s more of a huge house, surrounded by water. It’s now an expensive restaurant). I took photos of it from every angle – it seemed to deserve it!

Did you spot the photographic evidence above that the castle’s haunted? No? How about a closer look:


Even closer…

No, I don’t know either! Maybe left over from Halloween?

Continuing our walk, we spied a little kitty in the undergrowth on a hill:

Those photos were the best I could get – it wasn’t all that keen on coming to say hello (probably because there were 9 of us!).

Jan and I then decided that we should continue our walk by going to a water tower that’s on a hill above Basel, called Bruderholz. For the price of one Swiss franc, you can climb the tower and see Basel and its surroundings.

It was cold and windy at the top, and by the time we had walked back home we were all ready for a nice cup of tea! It was worth it though, for the fresh air and the view.

I love where I live!