What am I stitching? Part 6: We have a winner!

Today, somebody found my blog by searching for “how many calories are burned doing cross stitch?” (I suspect the answer is not very many!). I decided to take that as a hint that it’s time I got on with my what am I stitching series.  As usual, I’ll start with your guesses from last time.  Here’s the picture I gave you to work from:

Cross stitch 5

Lady of the Cakes said: “OMG, it’s the Incredible Hulk taking a piss!!! …in fact, he’s giving himself a golden shower…” All I can say to that is wow…

Polly from A Girl and Her Travels thought it might be a gremlin (riding the moon to… somewhere). Gremlinland perhaps?

Katrin from Land of Candycanes decided to stick with the leprechaun idea, but added that this time the leprechaun creature is sitting on a moon. And he has a letter in his pocket.

K8’s guess was a child dressed in green with a grey teddy on it’s back? Only the legs of the teddy are stitched so far. Oh, and the teddy is also holding a medal on a pink ribbon.

Thoughtsy went with a rabbit in a green teddy bear angel suit on the moon! Not a bad guess at all.

Gina from A 4star Life decided it was a baby bunny trying to knock that pesky star off the top of the moon! So close, Gina!

Tina from Kulturschock said “Right now, this looks like Jeff Goldblum halfway through his transformation into The Fly assaulting a rabbit on the moon. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

The Laughing Housewife thought it looked like a green Cat in the Hat on the moon

And finally, we have a winner!
I purposely saved Elaine from I Used to Be Indecisive‘s answer for last, because she was the first to come up with a correct answer:
It’s a rabbit in a green outfit sitting astride a moon. It’s left paw is holding the moon and the right paw is reaching up to try and touch the star. It is wearing a nightcap-style hat which is hanging down its back. The hat has a yellow bobble on the end.
Congratulations Elaine! That’s pretty much exactly what it is! Give me your address please and some sweet german goodness (chocolate and the like) shall come winging its way towards you as soon as I get round to visiting the post office.

I also promised a second prize for the answer I liked best. With so many great guesses, I couldn’t possibly choose between them, so there will be two small prizes making their way to lucky winners.
1. Lady of the Cakes for her Incredible Hulk guess, because it literally made me laugh out loud.
2. Linda from Expat Eye on Latvia for her very first guess way back at the start of the series: A leprechaun with an egg-shaped head, kicking his heels together as he dances a jig in his green booties. For some reason I can’t explain, a banana is throwing up a little in the background. Purely because the idea of a banana throwing up appealed to me.
Congratulations ladies! E-mail me your addresses and I’ll send you some treats.

And in case anyone is still wondering about my progress, here’s what I’ve stitched so far:

Cross stitch 6

Still a long way to go, but at least it finally looks like something!!