Friday Letters: I just want to sleep!!

I have been exhausted all week. Exhausted I’m telling you! And I have no idea why. I’ve actually managed to get to bed at a reasonable-ish time every night this week (before 11 anyway). This never happens and is the reason I’m pretty much always tired. And now, the one week that I actually manage to get some sleep (mainly because I didn’t have the energy to do anything other than go to bed!) I’m even more tired than usual. What’s that all about?! Meh.
Anyway… letters time.

Photo credit: Toronto Rob

Dear weekend. Welcome back It seems like forever since I last saw you!

Dear little brother. Happy Birthday for Sunday. Seven years old already… unbelievable.

Dear Bierbörse (annual beer festival thing). I may be exhausted, but I’m still coming to visit you tonight.

worcester sauce crisps
It’s a good job these aren’t permanently available in Germany… (Photo credit: leff)

Dear Karstadt. Loving your British Isles week! (And thank you K for telling me about it). I came in intending to only buy one or two little things, but that went right out the window when I discovered the Walkers crisps. Chicken flavour? Worcester Sauce flavour? Prawn Cocktail flavour? Get in my belly!!! (I *may* also have purchased Digestive Biscuits and Liquorice Allsorts… and be considering going back tomorrow for Cadburys chocolate and some tins of Spaghetti Loops…)

Dear coffee machine. Suddenly, I’m extremely glad I used some of my Bahn Bonus points to get you. Caffeine will definitely be needed before I go out!

Dear work. You keep switching between ridiculously quiet – to the point where I struggle to find anything to do –  and stupidly busy… as in loads of overtime busy. Could you maybe find a happy medium?

That’s all from me. I actually need to do some work now 😉 Have a wonderful weekend everybody!



Random snippets from my brain

  • This morning I overheard a phone conversation in which someone was apparantly explaining the concept of changing trains. “I’ll be travelling for a while yet, I have to change trains now” *Pause while, presumably, the other person spoke”. “We’re just pulling into Mannheim now then I have to get out of the train, go to another platform then get on a different train”. He wasn’t even speaking to a child either (unless I missed the point where it became normal to address children as Mr. so-and-so). The mind really does boggle. Or at least mine does.
  • Currently wondering whether working at a place where I actually know how to use the coffee machine (and don’t feel guilty every time I dare to so much as think about leaving my seat) is a blessing or a curse? I think I may have overdoed on caffeine today, all in a desperate attempt to stay awake. (Sooo tired…)
  • Having spent the last two evenings  searching every clothes shop in Karlsruhe for something to wear over a dress at a wedding I’m invited to next month. I’ve come to the conclusion that the colour white is an endangered species this season. I even resorted to looking in United Colours of Benetton today – the first time I’ve been in there since I was about 12. Unsurprisingly I found nothing I liked.
  • Despite not finding the top I wanted, I have spent a small fortune over the last few days. A serious dent has been made in my wages already and November isn’t even here yet. Not good people!
  • The first assignment for my science course is due on 4th November. I haven’t written a single word of it yet. I guess I know what my plans are for this weekend…
  • Snippets is a fabulous word. I feel like I should use it more often.
  • That is all.

Yawning at the phone

Today I’ve mostly been yawning and rubbing my eyes, a bit like an over-tired toddler. I’ve also spent a lot of time staring at my phone willing it to ring. It seems that not only do watched pots never boil, but watched phones don’t ring either. The woman never did phone me about that job. As it’s now quarter to 7 I’m assuming she’s now not going to ring. Rather annoying really. *sigh*

In between being yawny and watching the phone I actually managed to get some work done. This morning I did a translation about leather. All different kinds of leather. Half of them were going on about how they the products were dyed with special dye then washed for that “worn look”. This is something I’v never understood. Why would you pay a fortune for something that looks like it’s already been worn? It makes no sense! Just like those jeans that have rips already in them. Supposedly it’s “fashionable”. Personally I think it looks stupid.

I’m currently waiting for Jan to call me (ha! More waiting for the phone to ring!) He actually phoned about half an hour ago, but I was buying milk in Aldi and I had to hang up in him so I could pay. I told him to ring back in 5 minutes, but he hasn’t yet. He was offering to get some shopping, which is good. I do have some food in but nothing spectacular, so hopefully he’ll buy something nice for tea. I would have done it myself but I only had 1 euro 50 in my purse. I doubt even the Ready, Steady Cook team could make a decent meal out of what I could buy with that.

I’m off to make a cup of tea now. I need the caffeine! Coffee would probably be better but I don’t have any of that.