Let the choir sing

The boyriend’s choir is practising here tonight because theperson whose place they usually practice at can’t make it, so I’ve been banished to the spare bedroom. Actually, that’s not strictly true. I could have stayed in the living room and watched them, but honestly where’s the point in that? In reality I took myself off to the spare room, becuse at least the computer is in here. And my cross stitch. And other things to do, like moving all the stuff off the spare bed so that someone can actually sleep in it on Saturday. But saying I had been banished sounded so much more dramatic – although I’ve kind of spoiled that now with this explanation.

People coming round meant I had to rush home from work this evening (as much as one can rush when relying on Deutsche Bahn – for once my train was not delayed!) and attempt to sort out the chaos that was our flat. The living room was most important, because that’s where the practising takes place, but the kitchen was in a state that can only be described as absolute chaos. Definitely not suitable for the eyes of visitors! Which is why, after yet another long day at work, I found myself folding clothes, washing dishes and taking down rubbish. I would love to say that this was only necessary due to my having being ill, but regular readers would know that was a lie. Really, I’m just a terrible housewife… and Jan is no better! Having got the flat into a semi-decent state (it would not pass my grandma’s inspection, but luckily she’s in England) I had to quickly cook the two of us something for tea before the choir turned up. We had baked beans on toast. Not strictly cooking, I know but at least it was hot! And I grated Cheddar cheese on top – that’s practically a gourmet meal, that is. The alternative would have been muesli (which I hate so actually that wouldn’t have been an alternative at all).

And where was Jan in all this, you may ask. After all, it’s his choir! Well, he didn’t make it home til around 20 past 7 (choir practice is supposed to start at 8, although it’s now 10 past and only 2 people have arrived!), but when he did get here he cleaned the bathroom a little and finished cleaning the living room. He’s not all bad 😉

And why am I blogging about housework? Well, it may have something to do with the fact that I have nothing else to say and I’m trying to avoid the pile of work that I brought home with me to do this evening (deadline tomorrow at 10! Won’t get it all finished if I don’t do some tonight!). Pracrastination is responsible for a lot you know! Check out this YouTube video. Says it all, really…


Must watch video!

I disappeared for a while. Did anyone notice I wonder? I was planning on posting about the rest of my sister’s visit, but then I got busy. And after that I turned 29 (ugh, ugh, ugh!) and went to Stockholm for a week. We just got back on Tuesday evening. I still plan on writing about the remainder of my sister’s visit, plus my trip to Stockholm plus an idea I’ve had about visiting 30 German towns before I turn 30, but right now I have no time. I did want to share this video with you though. We saw this Slovenian Jazz choir last week in Stockholm. In this video they are performing Africa and I LOVE the way they do the tunderstorm hat the beginning! The singing was actually better when we saw them – but the video is from 2008 so I guess they’ve had time to practice 😉 But anyway, try to ignore that and concentrate on the absolute genius that is the storm. Enjoy!

Listen to the choir sing

Jan’s choir performed at a little cafe/bar place in town yesterday, so naturally I went along. It’s the first time I’ve seen them perform (last time I was ill) and I’d only ever heard two out of the 8 of them sing before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I really enjoyed myself though, and I thought they were all very good. (I’m not entirely sure whether my opinion counts though seeing as I don’t have a musical bone in my body and can’t sing a note. It must be nice to have a talent…).

Other than that I didn’t do much this weekend. Most of Saturday afternoon was spent planning a trip around the UK in August with Jan and a friend. We’ll be starting in London then heading to the North East of England (via Wales) and finally to London, before coming back down to take the ferry back. Phew. It’s all very vague at the moment (the only part we have definite dates for is London) but I’m hoping to plan in a few meetings with friends along the way. And if anyone knows of any good, reasonably priced B&Bs in Salisbury, Cardiff or Edinburgh then please send the details my way. All recommendations gratefully received!

I was going to bake today, but I couldn’t decide whether to make cookies or cake, then Jan went home and told me he won’t be coming over again til Tuesday(!) so I ended up not bothering. No point in making an entire cake just for me! Instead I’m sitting here eating cheese flavoured tortilla chips while waiting for my salmon with spinach and tomatoes to finish cooking. Hurry up fish, I’m hungry!