Search term Sunday

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post on the search terms that found me. This is mostly because I’ve hardly had any interesting ones – I had to look at search terms from the past 30 days to get enough for this post! But I have nothing else to say today, so search terms it is…

Karlsruhe Christmas cards
Not particularly amusing this one, but I include it because it’s from Tuesday. I know it’s still snowing, but March is a little early for Christmas cards, don’t you think?

Girls playing with noose
Worrying. Very, very worrying…

amitri fifth chord
Is this some kind of secret code?

I think I am turning German
Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. As long as you don’t start labelling your socks so you know which two to put together after a wash you should be fine. (I’m kidding… Germans don’t actually do this. Or do they…? ;-))

What is a four month review?
I’m only guessing here, but I’d imagine it’s a review after four months. Do feel free to correct me if I’m wrong…

Totally trivial trivia
Is there any other kind?

Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius 138-161 CE
Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius 138-161 CE (Photo credit: mharrsch)

Your Roman is sad without u autumn autumn autumn autumn
I’m very sorry to hear that… second-hand furniture
Sorry to be the one to break it to you, but WordPress is a blogging site. What you need is a second-hand furniture shop…

That’s all for today. Rather slim pickings this time. Here are some of my previous search terms posts for those who haven’t seen them already: