At least it’s the weekend…

All week I’ve been wanting to write a nice, positive post to counteract the whines of the two previous ones, but then I came down with this horrible cold thing, which meant I left work early on Wednesday (to be fair I had nothing musch to do anyway) and actually ended up calling in sick yesterday and spending the day in bed. Unheard of for me! The last time I was off work sick was at my previous job, and then I was sent home because I was annoying everyone with my coughing! I stayed home again today as well. I was feeling somewhat better, but not enough to face the journey to work. Luckily we have the option to log on to the server remotely from home, so I sent an email saying I could work, but wasn’t feeling up to coming in. The offer was gratefully accepted… my colleague took yesterday off as well and called in sick again today. Since there are only two of us translating into English you can imagine the chaos that can cause both of us being ill can cause! Luckliy yesterday remained quiet, but the colleague who deals with order management was understandably relieved to have one of us at least able to do a little work from home today!

Jan has been wonderful through this! I was already feeling crappy on Tuesday (but still well enough to go to work) so he got out of bed while I was in the shower and made me an Erkältungstee! That’s tea that’s supposed to help with colds. (Cold tea would be the literal translation but that just sounds weird in English). Usually I have to wake him up to say goodbye when I leave, so him getting up at 6:30 a.m. just to make me a tea was quite frankly amazing! Even more so when he then did the same thing on Wednesday morning! Yes, I do realise how lucky I am (although reading back through my posts you’d probably be hard pushed to believe me). I seem to be on the road to recovery now. I feel less weak and my head’s stopped feeling like it’s been stuffed with cotton wool. Now if only my nose would stop alternating between running and being blocked and I could stop coughing for longer than 5 minutes at a time everything would be perfect! At least it’s the weekend. Two whole days to recover…
And now I’m off to make chilli con carne for tea. Hot food sounds like such a wonderful idea right now!


The best laid plans…

I wanted to get an early night tonight. It was part of my getting ready to fly to England on Friday preparation. The plan went something like this:
Take the 5:35 train back from work, quickly go into town and buy some kind of hair decoration plus some earrings for Saturday, get home, check my e-mail, facebook, read a couple of blogs, make some food, get into bed at a reasonable time ready to wake up ridiculously early tomorrow so I can catch the early train, meaning I get to leave work earlier and thus have lots of time to pack, sort out the flat, take out the rubbish, clean the fridge and all those other little jobs that always need doing before you go away somewhere. (Wow, do you think that sentence was long enough?!)

It was all fine up until the arriving home part. Then the following happened:
– I made a cup of tea, forgot about it and am now drinking it cold.
– My grandma phoned when I was about to start cooking
– I found out the cheese steaks I wanted to make for dinner went out of date yesterday. I discovered I had nothing that would do as a replacement. I decided yesterday wasn’t too long ago and we should still be fine.
– I called Jan at 5 past 8, he told me he would be leaving work in 20 minutes and should be here in 40. I called him again at 9:30 to ask him how to cook the dumplings that I’m making to go with the cheese steaks. He told me he was about to leave work. It’s now 9:40. He’s just walked in the door. I’m starting to think his work has something against us…

I have to go now before the cheese burns. That would just be the icing on this incredibly bad cake, wouldn’t it?