Things I learned over the weekend

  • This image shows a whole and a cut lemon.
    Lemons… becasue Zemanta has no pictures of Lemsip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    I am not as unfit as I think I am! And I can walk up hills if I have to.

  • If you go hiking with a blocked nose, after a while it will start to run instead.
  • However, within a couple of hours of returning from the hike, your cold will return with a vengeance.
  • Lemsip is amazing!! Actually, I knew that already but it bears repeating.
  • The pain from blisters is much worse than post-hike muscle ache!
  • Chocolate and cherry brownies are DELICIOUS! (Recipe to come)
  • The people I come in to contact with have no idea how I feel when meeting new people. Which I guess means I do a good enough job of acting “normal” (whatever that is…).

I have to go to the Irish pub now to see the owner – he asked us to come in some time this week, I assume to get some Ireland tips – so that’s all you’re getting today. Next post will be longer, promise!