But I don’t WANT pretzels and Bratwurst…

Isn’t it funny how, when you’re ill, you crave comforting, familiar foods. Foods that you were brought up with, that accompanied you through your childhood. Much as I love local specialities, like Käsespätzle (small, thin dumplings covered in lashings of melted cheese) and Flammkuchen (tarte flambée – technically from Elsace but Karlsruhe is so close to the border that they’ve adopted (and adapted) this dish for themselves), for the last few days I’ve been craving English things. Crumpets literally dripping with salted butter. Heinz chicken soup. Mashed potatoes with a large helping of cheddar cheese mixed in. A chip butty drowning in gravy. Horlicks.
I just know I’m going to be disappointed no matter what we have for tea tonight. Plus, I’ve run out of Lemsip. Doooom!


Trolley watching

I always think what people put in their shopping trolleys (or baskets) can tell you quite a lot about them.

– The little old lady with a basket full of chocolate and fizzy pop probably has the grandkids coming to stay
– Young man with a trolley full of frozen pizzas, tins of soup and microwave meals. I bet he’s a student.
– See that woman pushing round a trolley that’s full to the brim – a whole crate of apples, three cartons of milk and the largest bag of potatoes available? She’s clearly got a big family at home waiting to be fed.

So what does my shopping trolley tell people about me?
Well, most days I look like the classic young, single girl on my road to being a career woman. There I am with my half loaf of bread (because I’ll never finish a normal sized one all by myself), three tomatoes, a couple of yoghurts  and the smallest packet of meat I can find – that’s right, the one that contains exactly two pork fillets which look totally lost on their huge polystyrene tray. Just about enough for a busy girl to feed herself on for a couple of days without it going mouldy while she’s occupied with something else.

Then there are the lonely and depressed days. Those are the ones where I’ve had a crappy day at work and can’t be bothered to do anything, so I fill my trolley with crisps and chocolate bars and a couple of those knorr mashed potato things that you just add water to. On days like this nobody glancing into my trolley would either think I’d just been dumped or was depressed about not being able to get a boyfriend. Why? Well we all know chocolate and crisps are the ultimate just been dumped comfort foods…

And finally, roughly once a week, my trolley reveals me as one half of a happy young couple. Those are the days that I know Jan is coming over, so I can actually buy enough food to feed two people without having to either leave half of it or stick it in a tupperware tub for the next day’s lunch. Those are the days that my trolley contains mince or salmon, or maybe even some crispy duck. Something nice that I know the boyfriend will enjoy. If I’m feeling really decadent I might even throw in a bottle of wine and some posh icecream.

So what does your shopping trolley say about you?