Copy, paste, delete

What is it with old people? My tram was full of them today. Literally full. I had to stand up all the way home. It seems like every single old person between Ittersbach (where the tram starts) and my work place had decided that just after 5pm was the perfect time to take a tram. And they do it every single evening. What is that all about? They have all day to take trams, why do they insist on taking them when other people are trying to get home from work? Grrr.

This morning I finished the translation that I’ve been working on for the last few days. That meant there was no more proper work for me to do today, so I spent the afternoon copying the French text out of a trilingual document, pasting it into a new word document and deleting all the unnecessary hard returns. A hard return is what us normal people would call pressing the return key. This is different to a soft return, which is where you press the return key and the shift key at the same time. Fascinating stuff.
So that was my day. Much fun. Thank goodness it’s Friday tomorrow!