‘Tis the season to cross stitch…

Okay, it seems like it’s always the season to cross stitch with me, but this time of year involves even more than usual! I’ve barely commented on any blogs lately, so I thought it was only fair to show you what I’ve been busy doing instead. Here is a small selection of the cards I’ve managed to stitch this year (a few photos are a bit blurry I’m afraid. Sorry!).

Rudolph comes bearing gifts:

I may not be able to decorate baked goods, but I can stitch them!

You can’t beat a bit of candle light at Christmas:

Anything automatically becomes festive if you stick a Santa hat on it. Or you could just go with a Santa hat by itself…

Star-shaped buttons allow great additional effects!

I’ve run out of leading sentences, so the final gallery is just a miscellany.

After all that I just hope at least some of them reach their destinations in time!

Guess the Christmas Cross Stitch 2015 – REVEAL!

I promised you a reveal today, and a reveal you shall get! I’m not 100% finished yet (lots of backstitching still to do!), but I think I’ve done enough for you to be able to see what it is. But first of all, we’ll have a look at the guesses from last time. Also, I know some of you have been wondering why I stopped the regular updates. The answer is I’ve always made it a rule to stop the game and reveal what I was stitching once somebody guessed correctly. Yes, you read that right… somebody gave me the right answer last time, or at least something close enough for me to count it. Here’s what I gave you to work with last time:

cross stitch 2015

And here are your guesses:

Kezzie said “I’m still seeing a rabbit in there- so I am sticking with pile of animals!x” When I said no rabbits, she guessed there was a deer in there.

Elaine said: “I think it’s at least three animals sitting on a sledge/sleigh – something large and silver (Moomin/hippo/pony wearing something green, a rabbit/reindeer and a little mouse wearing a dark jacket. This is a hard one!”. Inventive, but not right.

JJ said: “I see a dog with a man sitting on it. Either the dog is huge or the man is tiny – maybe it’s one of Santa’s little helpers?”. Part of this answer was along the right lines..

xstitchbee said: “I’m seeing a puppy snuggled up on the right & no idea what’s on the left ha xx” – Getting closer!

Charlotte said: “GOT IT! It’s a man carving a turkey.” Clever! But not the right answer.

Katrin, who had previously guessed a rabbit and a ghost on a sleigh added: “The teddy bear carries a sword. There’s a lot going on on that sleigh.”

Josie Beanz said: “I think it’s a guinea pig and a rabbit curled up asleep inside an old boot. The blue is the sole of the boot and the bottom has been cut open so you can see the creatures inside.” This was actually a fairly good guess, but not quite right.

Becster said: “It looks like a reindeer falling flat on it’s arse on some ice – this is a toughie!!!!”

And finally, we come to Sarah’s comment: “I’ve been totally stumped up until now. But now I finally see something: a cat and a dog snuggling. Maybe in a basket or something – can’t make out what the colors on the edge will be.” First time guessing, and BINGO!!
Also, an additional shout out to xstitchbee, who amended her previous guess to “No wait… I think it’s a puppy and a cat curled up!!” Sarah was first though, and she was almost spot on… except it’s not a basket.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… here’s what I was actually stitching:

Christmas cross stitch

It is, in fact, a cat and a dog snuggled up inside a Santa hat! The red in the middle that had you all so confused is the puppy’s collar 😉

Next year, I’m choosing something with fewer colours and no bloody fractional stitches! Also, I’m not sure what possessed me to pick something with multiple coloured backstitching! Clearly I was suffering from temporary insanity! Oh well, now I can finally get on with my other Christmas cards… all of which will feature small, easy pictures!

Experimenting with colours


I recently discovered that Amazon sells cross stitch supplies, which is useful since I haven’t found a place in Basel to buy them from yet. In the process, I learned that Anchor does a lot more multicoloured threads than were ever available in Karlsruhe. Since I have no willpower whatsoever when it comes to spending money, I decided to buy some to play with, despite not actually having any need for multicoloured threads right now! The following stitches were all experiments and I have no idea what I’m going to do with them yet. Also, they were all taken from magazines, although I’m not sure their original artists would recognise them now!

The first one I did was a hippo, using a multicoloured thread I already had. Based on the colours, it will probably end up as a new baby card for a little girl.

Hippo cross stitchFor the next one, I knew as soon as I saw the thread that I wanted to use it to stitch a lion, so I went looking for one in all my cross stitch magazines. I think it turned out quite well!

lion cross stitchNext, I stitched two hedgehogs using the same thread but different techniques. They were actually supposed to be the exact same hedgehog, but I messed up one and had to improvise, so they ended up totally different:

I used two different threads involving green for my next two items, a stripy dinosaur and a rather luminous snake! These were quick stitches and I got them both done on the same evening.

Finally, I used a many-coloured thread to stitch this rainbow bird. I’m really proud of this one – it actually looks like it’s meant to be this way! (The wing was done using a plain green thread – I thought making that multicoloured too would be a bit much).

Bird cross stitchWhich is your favourite? I think mine is either the bird or the lion.
Fellow stitchers, what would you use multicoloured threads for?

By the way, I will soon be starting a new round of “guess the cross stitch” (as requested by Linda). I hope you’ll all join in! Those who don’t know what I’m talking about can see last year’s here.

The year so far in cross stitch

I just realised that I haven’t actually uploaded any of my cross stitching so far this year. Not that I’ve done much, what with the move and everything,but I did manage to make a few cards. Unfortunately I have a habit of forgetting to take photos before I send the cards so there are at least three missing, but here are the ones I did remember to photograph! For each one, I’ve included a picture of the full card and a close up shot of the actual stitching.

First of all, a birhday card for a friend’s little girl whose birthday was at the beginning of February. A fairly simple one to stitch, but I thought it was incredibly cute.

Next, a Mother’s Day cardI stitched for my mum. I decided the little girl looked like me. Please take note of all the French knots – there were loads of them and I hate French knots! With this one I didn’t actually take a picture of the completed card for some reason.

I’ve made two New Home cards so far this year, but only took a photo of one of them. Both were of bird houses, but in slightly different styles. Here’s the one I did remember to take a photo of.

Finally, my most recent piece of stitching – a card for the wedding I attended at the weekend. Try to ignore the weird pink splodges! I had to block out the names to protect the innocent!

Next up will be a birthday card for my godson, then I think I’ll need to get started on Christmas cards based on how long they took me last year!

Would you appreciate being given a cross stitch card, or would you just throw it away?
Which of these cards is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

Christmas cross stitching

Are you all sick of hearing about my cross stitched Christmas cards yet? I’m certainly sick of the sight of them! Luckily I’m all done now and this will be my last post about them (for this year, at least). I must apologise for the quality of some of the photos – I have no idea why I find it so difficult to get Jan’s camera to work for me! At this point I’m pretty sure it just hates me!

I’m sure you’ve all been dying to see the design I did for my dad made up into a card – at least that’s what I like to tell myself 😉 Here it is:

bah humbug card

I took two photos of that card and the above turned out best… so you can imagine how terrible the other one was!

The design I was working on when I asked you to guess what I was stitching also became a card:

blue snowman

I liked the little snowman so much that I decided to stitch him a friend! This is actually among my favourites of the cards I made, along with the bah humbug one. I just love the pretty snowflake paper I used for the background.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go into detail about all the cards I made. Here’s a selection of photos of the rest.

There are more, but I think that’s enough for one post!
And now for something a little different… I decided to use a pattern from one of my magazines and try my hand at making a Christmas tree ornament. I chose a snowman because it looked like it would be fairly easy to cut to shape at the end. Here he is:

I think he turned out quite well 🙂 Mr snowman is now all wrapped up and on his way to my grandma, who will hopefully love him lots and give him a happy home!

I’m linking this up to day 7 of Becster’s 12 Days of Christmas, which was Christmas crafts. I don’t think I’ve done this many crafts at Christmas ever, not even when I was a small child and we made decorations and things in school! I think the end products are worth all the effort though.
12 Days of Christmas - Becster.com Link Up!

The anti-Christmas card

My dad is known as the Scrooge in our family. He’s not really a Scrooge – he makes Christmas dinner every year (and even made me one in August once), buys thoughtful gifts and will happily play silly games after Christmas tea. But since my step-mum died on Christmas Eve, it’s understandably not his favourite holiday. For years, we didn’t even put the tree up, although now that my little brother is old enough to understand Christmas the house gets decorated again. So when I decided to cross stitch all my cards this year, I knew my dad’s couldn’t feature any of your run-of-the-mill festive designs. Instead, I designed and then stitched the picture below, and even though it’s pretty simple I have to admit I’m really proud of it!

Bah humbug

Now all I have to do is actually make it into a card.

Guess the Christmas cross stitch: The solution

Thank you to everyone who took part in my little cross stitch guessing game. I had lots of fun reading your guesses. You’re all completely mad! (I mean that in the most complimentary possible way, of course.) Before I get on with revealing the answer, here are your guesses from the third and final round. The picture I gave you to work with was this:

cross stitch 3

First to enter a guess was Elaine, who thought it was “a fair-haired child in a blue coat pushing a sled”. Close, Elaine. Very close!

Katrin thought it was “a dinosaur who wants to jump on a sled”. Unfortunately not, although I think that would make a great Christmas card for a small boy!

Polly guessed “a Smurf sledding”. Apparantly the merest hint of blue has all my readers obsessing about Smurfs 😉

Steffi agreed with Elaine: “a child (girl?) pulling a sled”. That little word “pulling” brought Steffi even closer to the right answer than Elaine, but still not quite there.

Becster also agreed with Elaine (but didn’t mention whether the child was pushing or pulling the sled).

And finally, Charlotte came up with the very creative idea of “a superhero flying on a sled with his (or her) cape flapping in the wind”. I like this guess, but unfortunately it’s not the right answer.

And now, here’s what I was really stitching:

cross stitch snowman

A snowman, wearing a blue coat and pulling a sled (I just realised I forgot to backstitch the rope he’s pulling it by!). The yellow that fooled you all into thinking it was a fair-haired child actually belongs to his hat! I hope you all enjoyed my little game. Maybe we can do it again some time 🙂

Guess the Christmas Cross Stitch: Round 3

This will be your last picture to guess on before I give you the big reveal, so if you can’t guess what I’m stitching based on this, tough luck 😉 But first I shall give you the answers to the last round. This was the photo I gave you:

cross stitch

And these are your guesses:
Elaine stuck with her theme from the first round and guessed “a chimney pot and a sack of presents”. I’m afraid not, Elaine.

Simone, aka Lady of the Cakes came up with “blue headed tapir about to eat a Kitkat”. It’s better than pervy smurfs at least!

Frau Dietz thought it might be “Sonic the Hedgehog catching a fly”. Did he catch flies? I seem to remember some random flying insect in the computer games…

Someone calling themselves xoxo said “It looks like a blue car driving on a red road.”. I can kind of see were they were coming from with the car, but it’s not that.

Lily Lau said “Humm… I think it’s a sledge with some snow besides it and a huge blue bag full of presents!”. She’s obviously been talking to Elaine 😉

Katrin said “I think it is a squirrel next to a chimney who is about to jump.” Now I want to stitch a Christmas squirrel for real!

Amanda from Rhyme and Ribbons guessed “A bluebird with a red light saber for sure!”. I love this guess, but sadly it’s wrong.

Kate had no clue, so we’ll move on to Linda. “So, it’s a blue cat, dragging a red ribbon somewhere. Maybe the North Pole – would explain the blueness of the cat.” Indeed… I would probably be blue if I was at the North Pole!

Polly suggested “a blue dog/raccoon hybrid eating a brick”, which had me trying to imagine what that would look like for the next few hours!

Jessica Jane’s answer was “someone about to jump on a sled in the snow”. Warmer than some is all I’m saying 😉

And finally, Charlotte went for “A blue snowman sticking his tongue out!”. My mental image of this looks so cute 😀

Now onto the third and final picture. Just say what you see, folks. Say what you see!

cross stitch 3

Guess the Christmas cross stitch: round 2

There were some interesting guesses for round 1 of my little game! (You can see the original post here). Here are your guesses in the order I received them:

First up is Lady of the Cakes, who I’m 90% sure only made this guess so I would have to type it onto my blog. I don’t even want to know what search terms this will result in… “Smurf about to come all over a KitKat“. Strangely enough, no that is not the answer! And I sincerely hope nobody was reading this post while eating a KitKat…

Elaine from I Used to be Indecisive guessed “A sleigh with a sack of presents on the back”. Not the right answer Elaine, but much closer than Simone’s!

Sara Louise guessed “A chimney with blue smoke coming out of it“, which would at least be sort of Christmassy. Not the right answer though 😉

Linda of Expat Eye on Germany (and the instigator of this game) suggested “Jack  Frost nipping at a very rectangular robin red breast“. Better than pervert smurfs anyway 😉

Katrin said it was obviously “a cigarette with blue smoke“, but since that wouldn’t be very Christmassy added a second guess: A hand coming out of a chimney. A blue hand, obviously.

Charlotte’s guess was “A blue robin sat on a twig!“. I’ve seen cross stitches of blue owls, so why not robins?

And finally, Aussa Lorens said “Definitely a NO SMOKING sign, Xmas style.“. I’m sensing a theme here!

Now for round two. Here’s a new photo taken during the stitching process. Maybe you’ll have better luck guessing the cross stitch based on this picture:

cross stitch

Enter your guesses in the comments. If nobody gets it right, I’ll have one more picture after this then I’ll reveal the answer.

Guess the Christmas cross stitch

The lovely Linda asked me whether I’d be allowing people to guess what I’m cross stitching again this year. I hadn’t really thought about it at the time, but once the idea was in my head I was obviously going to make use of it eventually. I’m only working on Christmas cards at the moment, so the picture is only a small one but I think we can have some fun with it anyway. So, any idea what this is eventually going to be?

cross stitch

I feel a bit bad giving you so little to go with, but on the other hand I want the game to last for more than one round so that’s all you’re getting 😉 Make your guesses in the comments and in a few days I’ll reveal whether anyone has guessed it already and, if not, post another photo.