Winter Reading Challenge 2015: Month 2

First of all, Happy New Year everyone!
I know it’s 2016 now, but the challenge is still from 2015. Sadly, December was so full of cross stitch and Christmas markets that I barely had time to breathe never mind read so I haven’t completed the challenge yet. I did get a little closer though, and moved one book to a different category so I could include another one I had read in December. Here are the categories I completed this time:

5 points. Read a book that has between 100 and 200 pages. The Seeing by Diana Hendry (176 pages). This is an intense and disturbing book. It reminded me of The Chocolate War in that something that seemed harmless at first ended up being taken too far, eventually ending in tragedy, 4 stars.

10 points. Read a debut book by any author. I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh. I originally had this under the “verb” category, but I’ve moved it to here. I gave it five stars last month.

15 points. Read a book published under a pseudonym. Sunset Song by Lewis Grassic Gibbon (real name: James Leslie Mitchell). This was a strange book. I really enjoyed the description of how the town came to be at the beginning and it was fun to read a book that was written in Scots, but some parts seemed to drag on forever. I gave it four stars.

15 points. Read a book with a one word title. Siege by Sarah Mussi. This is the story of a school shooting, but written from the point of view of somebody who is inside the school when the attack starts. It’s intense and quite disturbing in parts. I devoured it in one sitting and gave it four stars.

20 points. Read a book with a verb in the title. Don’t Stand So Close by Luana Lewis. I read this book in November but thought I couldn’t fit it into a category, then I realised I Let You Go was a debut so I was able to rearrange things a bit. This is a thriller with various twists, along the lines of Gone Girl and other books that are popular at the moment. A girl turns up at Stella’s house in the middle of a freezing cold night demanding to see her husband, Max. Stella is terrified but eventually lets her in. Who is this girl and what is her connection to Max and Stella? And what happened to Stella that made her so terrified to answer her own door? The author of this one was a clinical psychologist before turning to fiction writing and you can tell she knows her stuff where that’s concerned. I guessed some of the “mysteries” easily, but for a debut it was excellent. Four stars.

That’s it for this month. I have 2 categories still to go, and I’ve started reading books for both of them. Current total: 160 points. 40 to go!