And thus begins another week.

Another Monday morning. Once again the weekend went by far too fast. Not really surprising considering it’s only two days, and yet it does surprise me. Every single time.

Alarm Clock 2
Photo: Alan Cleaver

It’s been another one of those fun mornings where I wanted to stay in bed for five more minutes only to end up with the alarm somehow switched off instead of just snoozing. I’m starting to think it switches itself off after a certain number of snoozes. It’s the only explanation that makes sense cos it’s actually pretty difficult to press the off button by mistake. Anyway, this time I was lucky. I woke up at 3 minutes to 7 instead of 25 past.

The first time the alarm went off it woke me up from a dream in which Jan and I were getting a lift home with 3 people who were actually ghosts. The alarm beeped just as the ghosts were about to crash the car in the same place that they had died. If Jan had been there to give me a hug I wouldn’t have needed to keep pressing snooze. As it was I was still too creeped out by the dream to risk getting out from under the quilt. Yes, I know I’m pathetic.

Oh, and something has bitten me on my leg. Something vicious it seems, judging by the size of the lump. And I didn’t even hear the squeeee. The bastards are getting sneaky…

Anyway, gotta go. I’m currently trying to eat breakfast and type at the same time and I have to leave for work in 5 minutes…


Serial killers invade my dreams

Last night I dreamt that I had some evidence about a suspected serial killer and had to go into witness protection until it was time for the court case. Obviously there were people who didn’t want me to give my evidence, so I spent most of the dream having to be moved around and given new fake identities. Very confusing. Every time there was a scary part (like when the suspect escaped from police custody and moved in across the road from me) I would wake up. I kept hoping that when I fell back asleep I would dream about something nice, but no. The serial killer dream just carried on right where it had left of. As I’m sure you can imagine, it wasn’t a very restful night. When my alarm woke me this morning I felt almost as tired as I was when I went to bed last night. I great start to the day… or not.

I’ve just realised it’s 8:05 and I still need to dry my hair and have breakfast! It seems I’m having a slow day. I blame the serial killer dreams!