Friday letters

It will be a short Friday letters today because I have a big, difficult translation at the moment and I need to cut my lunch break short then work longer tonight to make sure it’s done in time. I do get a long weekend to make up for it though. Thank you Whit Monday 😀


Dear Eurovision. I’ve purposely avoided all your semi-finals and things so I have no idea what to expect tomorrow. I can’t wait to revel in your cheesiness!

Dear weather. How very kind of you to turn awful just in time for the long weekend. (In case you didn’t get it, yes that was sarcasm!)

Dear new chest of drawers. I’m so excited for you to arrive next week! Hurry up, Wednesday. (Although, on second thoughts, don’t hurry too much. I want t enjoy my long weekend.)

Dear bulgur wheat. How did it take me so long to discover you? Since moving to Switzerland you’ve become a staple in our household. A delicious, easy to cook staple.

Dear summer reading challenge. The category list comes out this Sunday you say? Ooooh!

Happy Friday everyone. I’m off to eat a quick lunch. Hope your weekend is fabulous!

A Photo an Hour: 23rd May 2015

Saturday was photo an hour day again, hosted by Jane and Louise. My first one in Switzerland! Here’s what I got up to:

10 a.m. I’m up! Instead of starting yet another photo an hour post with a picture of a cup of tea, I went with my slippers. Immediately after taking this I of course put the kettle on 😀

11 a.m. Haven’t moved from the sofa yet! Here’s a photo of some of the creatures that live there.

12 noon. Jan got up and put the kettle on again, so I decide to have another cuppa before going for my shower.

1 p.m. Showered and dressed, time to dry my hair.

2 p.m. Midday quiet time is over, so now we’re allowed to put together the spare bed. But first these boxes need to get out of the way.

3 p.m. Space cleared, now to do something with these bed parts! (Or so I thought, what actually happened was I took the picture while Jan hoovered the space where the bed was going to go. Then I said I was going to see if we had any mail, Jan asked me to pop to the shop for milk and I returned to find him sitting at the table claiming he hadn’t been able to find the bits for the bed (screws, etc.) 20 minutes of searching in boxes later, I went and examined the bed only to find the parts already attached to it! Apparently he hadn’t looked particularly far. So we were finally ready to start assembling the bed just in time for the next photo…)

4 p.m. This is the way we assemble a bed!

5 p.m. Finished! All I need to do now is wash the quilt cover and another pillow case, then we’ll be ready for visitors.

6 p.m. Watching a bit of Celebrity Mastermind.

7 p.m. Tea nearly ready. Vegetable chilli in case anyone is wondering. We ate it with tortilla wraps and a tonne of cheese.

8 p.m. Loading the dishwasher. I love my dishwasher!

9 p.m. Eurovision time! Snacks and drinks at the ready.

10 p.m. Watching Eurovision. Perfect timing with this picture 😀 (The cartoon men were my favourite part of Sweden’s entry)

11 p.m. Still Eurovisioning, still drinking.

Midnight. Finally points time! The end is in sight.

1 a.m. I went to put my pyjamas on and took a photo of the bed I was preparing to get into (say hi to Eeyore!). I then went back to the living room, where Jan had insisted on turning on the computer for a work thing. Yawn! By 1.30 p.m I was in bed though, so the last photo of the day still fits.

So, that was a typical Saturday in Switzerland. New country, but not much difference (as evidenced by my this photo an hour post from February). Photo and hour takes place every month. If you want to take part next time, keep an hour on Jane and Louisa’s blogs, Is That You Darling and Duck in a Dress, and also the hash tag #photoanhour on Twitter.

Now I get it!

I finally got round to buying and reading Watching the English – which I’ve been meaning to do since it came out. It’s very good! If you haven’t read it I certainly reommend that you do! Obviously not everything in the book strikes a chord with me (but it’s impossible to be 100% about anything as far as I’m concerned), but sooo many times I found myself nodding to myself thinking “Yes! I do that.”… “and that!”. And “Oooh, so that explains it!” And now I know… my utter social incompetence is not my fault! I’m not a freak of nature, I’m just English! And we’re just not that good at starting conversations with complete strangers, or even people we know just a little bit. Unless we’re standing at a bar, where the normal rules of social interaction are temporarily suspended (this also explains why it’s almost impossible to strike up a conversation with a random person in a pub here. Germans go out drinking with their friends… the English go out drinking because it’s one of the few ways you can make friends. And even then we need props, like dartboards and pub quizzes). I am definitely making my boyfriend read this book – it may explain a few things 🙂

Oh, and in case anyone cares, yes I did watch the Eurovision last night (sad, I know but it’s tradition!!). Poor old Engelbert was robbed. I didn’t expect him to do very well, but he was certainly better than second last! Some of the acts that got more points them him were genuninely awful – Jedward looked to me like they were miming (their lip movements in no way matched the words?!) and yet still managed to be off key. Explain that one somebody? I’m just hoping the people who voted for them were all pre-pubescent girls who didn’t know any better. I can see why Sweden won, although the song wasn’t really my thing. Germany (my adopted country!) did ok and I actually quite liked the song. It was certainly a lot better either of the ones by Lena! I heard that Satellite song (the one she won with 2 years ago) on the radio the other day and was reminded of exactly why I don’t like it. It makes no sense! And who cares if your underwear are blue?! So, there’s my verdict. And now no more Eurovision for another year. (Oh, I just have to add – I love the way Scott Mills managed to mention the London olympics before revealing the UK’s points… we may be doing terribly at this Eurovision lark, but at least we’ve got something!).