Just let me SLEEP!

I know, I know: I promised to get back to blogging regularly then failed yet again. I’m sorry! I’m just so tired at the moment… I can barely string a coherent sentence together, let alone write an entire blog post! This morning I hit snooze on my alarm, think I would just have five more minutes… only to wake up half an hour later wondering why it was light already! It’s a good job I have flexi-time at work… plus enough overtime saved up to make up for the fact that I’ve already worked about 2 hours less than I should have this week. And today was only Wednesday. Two more whole days before the weekend and sleeep… plus a trip to IKEA to spend the money my Grandma gave us. Yes, I lead such an exciting life.
Anyway, Jan is out tonight (he has choir practice), so I suppose I’d better go and attempt to make some food for myself. I’m thinking Supernoodles are the way forward! I won’t promise to write again soon, cos we all know how well that worked out last time… however, I will post some more photos of the flat once we’ve got the yet-to-be-bought IKEA furniture up and arranged. How’s that for a deal?


Blogging fail

I know I promised to blog more after I received my prolific blogger award, and I’ve been meaning to post for nearly two weeks, but as you can tell I’ve failed utterly miserably. I just don’t have time to blog. Between all the overtime I’ve been doing lately (so many big jobs, so little time), the course I’m doing on Saturday mornings (10 finger typing course, bot interesting enough to write about) and all the usual cooking, attempting to spend time with my boyfriend and occasionally actually cleaning the flat, my poor blog just hasn’t had a chance. Sigh.

Soo, I’ve just found out a girl I used to be pretty good friends with, and whose family are friends of my family, is pregnant. Another one to add to the list. Currently I only know three people who are expecting, the fewest it’s been for a while. And another friend got married last week (an ex-boyfriend as it happens), which necessiated the sending of a gift to England. All these babies and weddings are going to bankrupt me! Baby clothes are so cute though, and it’s not like I’m going to be able to buy any for a child of my own for a while… or possibly ever, so there is a silver lining I suppose.

I had a meeting at work today. The bosses are happy with my work, I was expressly thanked for putting in overtime last week and I got a positive response from a customer the other day (usually we only get feedback when someone wants to complain, so it was a nice surprise). So all is good on the unemployment front. And in 23 days I’m off on my holidays. Good times 🙂 The only cloud on the horizon is that Jan is away this weekend with his choir, and I’ve barely seen him all week as it is. It’s only a small cloud though, and we’ll have plenty of time to make up for it once our holidays start. The countdown starts now…