Just five more minutes…

I have not wanted to get up the last two mornings. It’s not even as if I went to bed particularly later, or slept particularly badly, but for some reason when my alarm started beeping at me I was just too tired to do anything but hit the snooze button. Then, five minutes later, hit it again… and so on and so forth. Until it got so late that I was forced to skip breakfast and run for the tram. Not the best start to the working day!

Jan is away again this week, so I’ve been ignoring the dishes, the rubbish and the wash pile for the past few days. He’s back on Friday though, so I already know what the plan for tomorrow evening is… Nevertheless, I’m hoping the next two days go by fast. We’re going to view a flat on Saturday and I’m very excited about it. It’s not free til June, but we need to get in early before the selection process starts (welcome to flat hunting in Germany…). Apparantly it’s a nice place, and it’s closer to the train station than my current flat… which would mean an extra five minutes in bed without having to resort to the snooze button. Fingers crossed the current tenant likes us 🙂

Mid-week moan

Today I:

– had the world’s quickest shower, because that’s the only kind you have time for when you stay in bed for an extra twenty minutes moaning softly to yourself every time the alarm goes off.

– realised as I was leaving the house that my purse wasn’t in my handbag and I had absolutely no idea where it was. This was followed by a couple of minutes of panic, until I found it in a carrier bag buried under the plates I bought yesterday.

– missed my tram because the stupid traffic lights refused to turn green and let me cross the road to the stop. I then walked to the next stop – not becasue I thought I could catch up with the tram (although I got there in time to see it pulling away – if I’d just gone straight to the other stop I would have caught it!) but to catch another tram to the train station, where I was able to change onto my own tram. Amazingly I still managed to get a seat.

– received an email at work regarding a text that I translated and my colleague proofread. Apparantly neither of us did a particularly good job – the text is still full of typos! Luckily the customer hasn’t actually complained (yet!), just asked me to explain what the words should be, but if she finds many more typos I may be in big trouble…

– Got home from work to find the strawberries in my fridge had gone mouldy and the Biomüll (food type rubbish) bin smelled so bad it literally made me want to puke (the world’s worst housewife strikes again…). Also, there was liquid floating around in the bottom of the bin. Never good in Biomüll. Then, once I’d emptied I realised I don’t have anything suitable for cleaning disgusting smelling bins, so it’s currently sitting in the sink full of hot water and washing up liquid. Cos that’s gonna do a tonne of good.

I think it’s about time this day came to an end now, don’t you?