In which I discover that I am an idiot

After 5 months of unlocking my mailbox every single day (except for Sundays) only to disover that, most of the time, there’s nothing in it anyway, I realised today that there are 3 little windows in the bottom so you can see whether there’s anything inside or not. Why has it taken me since March to notice this? Clearly I am a fool.

Also, for the past hour I’ve been trying to make an origami star, like this. The author of the article says “they are quite easy (for origami) but I don’t think I’d try them with children under 10”. Well, I don’t know about 10 year olds but I certainly can’t fold the bloody things. Even my pentagon shaped, flattened knot thingy doesn’t look anything like the one in the picture, and that’s before I’ve even done any folding. So once again I prove that any creative/artistic genes that may exist in my family were clearly not passed on to me…

And, I spent 20 euros on a wedding present today then another 6 euros to send it to England. The same friend is having a baby in January, as is the son of friends of the family (well, obviously he’s not) and an old school friend is getting married in October. Then there’s a whole bunch of babies due in January and another 3 (so far) weddings taking place next year. I wish people would stop getting married and having babies already… my bank balance can’t take much more of this!