Sleepy, sleepy… wide awake!

Don’t you hate it when you’re so sleepy all evening that you have the feeling you could drop off at any minute then, as soon as bedtime comes around, sleep suddenly seems to be the last thing your body wants? That was me last night! I had been tired all day and had already decided to get an early night. So when I sat down on the sofa and immediately felt my eyes trying to close I realised it was time to put the plan into action. 15 minutes later, I had brushed my teeth, put on my pyjamas and was ready to snuggle up under the quilt. I got into bed, switched off the light and BAM! It was as if the action of turning off the light had triggered another switch inside me, except instead of turning off that one had gone to on! I was suddenly wide awake again. After a few minutes of tossing and turning I gave up and decided to read my book. Two pages in, tiredness struck again.. my eyes felt heavy and I wasn’t really taking anything in. So I thought I would try the sleep thing again. Book down, light out… BAM! Wide awake. Obviously there was no point in trying to do anything else, since everything but lying in my bed with the light out made me drowsy, so I had to resign myself to lying there waiting for sleep to come. I’ve no idea when I eventually drifted off, but judging by how difficult it was to get out of bed this morning I obviously didn’t get enough sleep last night! And considering it’s now 8:30 pm, I’ve only just got in and I have a million and one things to do, I won’t be trying for another early night tonight. On the bright side, only one more day of getting up in the dark then it’s the weekend, and I get to spend time with the boyfriend who has been away all week at a conference. Positive thinking! 🙂

Home alone

As I briefly mentioned in my last post (that would be the one that a grand total of two people read. Just sayin’…), Jan is away this weekend with his choir. So on  Friday I spent the night alone in the flat for the first time. I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to get an early night for a change. Yes, on a Friday of all days. I have to be on a train at 8am on Saturdays to go to my typing course (only one more to go though!) and I thought I could turn up feeling refreshed for once.  So by 10pm I was in bed, with my book. At 10:30 I put the book down, turned out the light and snuggled down to sleep. It didn’t work too well. Every time I heard a noise my eyes flew open. Was that creaking floorboard in the flat above or coming from the next room? Did I just hear a door open? What was that noise? I have no idea what was wrong with me. Usually I don’t even notice those noises. And after years of spending nights if not all alone then with only my little brother (3 years old at the time) for company  in various places, falling asleep in an empty house (or flat in this case) has never bothered me before. Obviously I’m turing into a scaredy cat in my old age…
Thankfully I did manage to sleep last night. At least after I’d spent half an hour chasing a bluebottle around the room because hearing it buzz past my ear every two minutes was unbelievably annoying. Couldn’t whoever invented bluebottle at least have made them silent?! Aargh!