Friday letters: officially legal

Wow, Friday has rolled around quickly again this week! I can’t believe we’re already 5 days into June! Although if you ask the weather it seems more like the end of July/beginning of August. It’s supposed to get up to 33°C today! Apart from my cold, which is still lingering annoyingly, this has been a good week. Yesterday was a holiday in Baden-Württemberg (where I work) but not in Basel, so I was able to go shopping. Then I got to laze around for the rest of the day. And on Wednesday I received an invitation from the Amt für Migration for my “welcome to Switzerland” meeting. It also contained a temporary copy of my residence permit – the real one will be handed out to me at the meeting. So as long as I remain employed in Germany, I’m allowed to stay. Hurrah! (The title of this post is slightly misleading – I wasn’t actually illegal before – as an EU citizen I can be in Switzerland without a residence permit for 3 months). And now letters.

Mail boxDear scales. I know I’ve been indulging way too often since I moved (Swiss cheese why must you be so tasty?), but I wasn’t expecting to see that number when I stepped on the scales! Time to start watching what I eat again!

Dear Swiss migration people. Thanks for letting me stay with my boyfriend! (Anyone who’s planning on moving to Switzerland with a partner, I’ll be writing a guide on how to do it soon).

Dear Switzerland. How can one country contain so much beauty? I am in awe! (The only thing you’re missing is the sea. Switzerland on the coast would be the best thing ever!)

Dear cold. I’m sick of you now. Please just go away!

I actually can’t think of anything else right now – it’s been a fairly uneventful week. Storms are forecast for tomorrow so we probably won’t be going anywhere, but there’s a flea market in the Markthalle on Sunday that I’m hoping to go to. I hope you all have a great weekend. Happy Friday, everyone.