So I have a flat…

That’s the good news. I signed the contract on Saturday. No going back now.
The bad news is I have to pay the deposit on Thursday, when I go to pick up the key. This is bad because the deposit is 3 months rent, or in other words almost all of my wages. I could manage it though, just about, if I actually had my wages. Unfortunately they don’t go in until the beginning of next week. So I’m resorting to plan B, which involves taking the cash from my English bank account. Yes, that would be the bank account that is already in the minuses and which no longer comes with an interest free overdraft because it’s been too long since I graduated. Not exactly the ideal solution, but the only one I have. Unless some rich relative decides to die in the next 2 days and leave me lots of money. Preferably lots of money that I can have immediately. Hmm, maybe that idea is slightly unrealistic…

The never-ending week

You know how some weeks just seem to go on forever? Well, this is one of them. Is it really only Wednesday? I’ve only been back at work 3 days and I already feel like I could use a break. Mind you, I did end up staying for an extra half an hour yesterday because there was something urgent to be done. Then we had a floor meeting last night that started pretty much as soon as I got in and didn’t end until 10pm. This may explain a lot.

In case anyone’s wondering how the flat hunt is going my reply to you is “don’t ask”.
I tried to call the woman about the last one I looked at 4 times on Monday. Nobody answered, but three out of four times I got the answering machine. I left one message with my number – no call back. Yesterday I emailed the current tenants to ask if they know another way of contacting the woman. No reply. I tried calling again and left another message. Still no reply. It’s like a bloody conspiracy! So now I’ve given up and resumed my search. I can see this  going on for a while…

The hunt for a place to live continues

I didn’t get the flat I went to see yesterday. At least I assume I didn’t. The girl never called, and if I had got it she wanted me to go and pick up the key today, so I’m thinking that’s a no. Actually I was pretty sure I wouldn’t get it anyway. Another girl was going to look at it yesterday who is the daughter of a friend of a friend of the landlady, or something. Fairly obvious who the landlady would choose then.
But, but, but… this evening I spontaneously went to look at another flat. I happened to look at the quoka website 45 minutes after the advert was placed online, answered it and received an email almost straight away inviting me to come on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday at any time. I then wrote back explaining that afternoon is no good as I work and asking if I could come on Wednesday evening at 6pm, or would that be too late. The girl replied that time was really no problem and in fact I could come this very evening before 9pm if I had time. So I called the boyfriend, got him to come and meet me, and went to view the flat. I like it a lot. It’s full of little nooks and crannies. There are two fairly big rooms, one for living, one for sleeping. The shower is hidden away in a little corner in the bedroom. The kitchen is in between the bedroom and the living room. It’s quirky, more spacious than most of the other ones I looked at and (very important this) within spitting distance of a tram stop that I would be able to use for getting to work. It’s run by a so-called Hausverwaltung, a property management scheme, who I have to call tomorrow morning. Then it will once again be a matter of waiting to see who they choose. So don’t’t go uncrossing those fingers just yet guys…

What, where?

I’m currently looking at flats on a website called Quoka ( in case anyone out there is in Germany and looking for a flat). It’s most interesting. I searched for 2 room flats in Karlsruhe and it’s coming up with things in places I’ve never even heard of. Like where on Earth is Hambrücken and why does this website seem to imagine I might want to live there?I’m also loving some of the things people write on their adverts. “Ideally situated 2 1/2 room flat” (ideally situated for who exactly? And what pray tell is half a room?) “Light-flooded, generous-sized 2 room flat” (Light-flooded huh? What, even at night?), “Interesting flat in Knielingen” (Uh, is it just me or does the use of the word “interesting” really make you not want to go and look at that flat?). Some of them do sound pretty good though. I can’t wait to start visiting them. It’s going to be so exciting! I’ve never actually had my own flat before.

It seems this is going to be a year of firsts.

Good stuff and guilt

I kind of had to tell my boss about the job interview today. He called me into his office to ask if I’d made my decision yet and when I said no he wanted to know why.Aarggh! I had no idea what to say! So I just told the truth. Then he was asking me what was so good about the other offer, or so bad about his. Then he said if they can’t be sure I’m going to take the job he can always advertise for someone else, becuase for him it doesn’t sound good. Oh man. Now I have a date for the interview – Thursday at 3:30pm – so tomorrow I have to go into work and ask for Thursday afternoon off. And whether I say it or not he’s going to know why. Eeep! Since I was already being honest when he asked me where the company is I figured there was no point in lying about that, so I told him. Stuttgart. To which he asked me if I really want to commute to Stuttgart every day. Well, that is one of the major factors against taking that job (if I’m even offered it!) The other one being that it will most likely pay less than he’s offering me. But it’s just translation, no project management. Although I think getting more project management probably isn’t a bad thing. And I can’t exactly run away and find a new job every time my work involves something I’m not that good at.
Anyway, so now I feel… I don’t know. Slightly guilty I guess. I mean, he’s offering me this great opportunity and I’m putting off answering because I’m considering taking something not as good, which I haven’t even been offered yet and may not even be offered. It’s almost like saying his company isn’t good enough for me or something. But apart from that work was actually pretty good today. I guess now they’ve told me they want me to stay I’m less worried that I might be doing something wrong. So that would be a point in favour of staying I suppose. Ugh, I hate making decisions. Even about good stuff.

Ooh, I also have other news!
Long time readers will be aware that I live in a student residence that I would really quite like to get out of, and in fact have to get out of by the end of March having told the people in charge that I would like to move out after this semester. Well, on 31st January I’m off to look at a flat! It’s not much – just a one room thing. But it would be a place of my own. And it at least has a separate kitchen, which a lot of the one room places don’t. And the rent is pretty cheap. I’m not getting my hopes up too much yet though. After all, I haven’t even seen it yet so it could be horrible, and also I’m probably not the only person that’s enquired about it. But it’s a start, and combined with the job thing makes me think things may be looking up in my life. Now I just hope it continues…