Four days

So my internship finishes at the end of January. As of 1st February I am a proper employee. Can’t wait to see my paycheck at the end of next month!
My internship contract stated that I was entitled to 14 days holiday. Over the course of the 6 months I’ve managed to take 10, leaving me with another 4 to be taken. So today my boss and his wife told me I could take the rest of this week off, provided things didn’t suddenly get busy this afternoon. Things did not get busy, so for the next four days I shall not be going to work. If I can’t sleep at night I shall simply stay in bed for the longer the next day, I’ll have time to get through my stack of laundry (usually the only time I can do it is the busiest part of the day, when all the machines are taken), I can start sorting out my desk drawers (where I shove all the crap that I don’t know what to do with) in preparation for my move. And best of all, by the time I go back to work it will be February and the worst month of the year will finally be over. Hurrah!