So the Germany-Austria game was interesting. I went to watch it at Stadtmitte, more because I wanted to see my boyfriend than out of any major desire to see this particular match. Germany won, 1-0, but as far as I’m concerned it was more down to good luck than anything else. The chance they missed at the beginning was quite frankly silly! And Austria should have equalised at one point – they’d still have been out though, even if they had. At least Germany played better tonight than they did against Croatia, but still there was more excitement off the pitch than on. What on earth were Joachim Loew and Austria’s coach (whose name I don’t know) doing to get themselves sent into the stands? Who knew a referee could even do that? I certainly didn’t!

After the match I had a half an hour walk home, on my own. Jan is staying at his own place tonight. The good thing about living in Germany is that a girl can actually walk home alone at 11 o’clock at night without having to worry about chavs… or something worse. I think I might be slightly deaf now though from all the car horns and people chanting “so sehen Sieger aus” (that’s what winners look like). Oh, something that amused me. Walking past the Town Hall I saw two middle aged men in suits who seemed to be taking a stroll. I didn’t pay too much attention to them at first, but then I heard one say to the other, in English, “they’re all singing their songs in German.” Hello! They’re German, we’re in Germany, what would you like them to sing their songs in? Spanish maybe?!? Strange people!

It’s time for me to go to bed now. I couldn’t sleep last night and spent most of today proofreading an operating manual for a sewage works. For some reason my brain really wants to shut down now….

Unpicking when I should be stitching

I wrote two job applications yesterday – one for the job in Gernsbach that I already blogged about and one for a proofreading job in Ettlingen. I’m not really a big fan of proofreading, especially when the translation is a bad one, but I’ll pretty much apply for anything at the moment. And it’s highly unlikely that I’ll get the Etllingen job anyway – they want 2 years of experience and a translation qualification. I have 1 year of experience and am 1 third of the way to a translation qualification. Hmm, not underqualified much. I’m just hoping that there are so few English people in the local area that someone will have to employ me, if only becasue they couldn’t find anyone else. Fingers crossed please!

Apart from writing job applications, I spent a lot of yesterday cross stitching… or at least trying to. I picked up my latest project (a cat) yesterday and started to stitch… 10 stitches in I realised I’d messed up, so out they came. Second time round I actually managed to get that bit right. Then I tried to start another section, only to realise that I’d messed up something I’d done ages ago. And this time I couldn’t just pull the stitches back through with the needle – these were fully formed crosses. So out came the nail scissors. I hate unpicking those little crosses… it’s so fiddly and I have huge fingers. Seriously. I was called “man hands” at school because of them. So by the time I’d manage to unpick the affected section I was pretty frustrated. Then I went to get some thread to redo them and realised there was hardly any of that colour left. Luckily I just managed to restitch the whole area before the thread ran out, but it was incredibly close. I just hope I don’t discover any more mistakes in that colour at any point! After about an hour of stitching I was exactly 10 crosses further than I had been before I started and incredibly annoyed with the whole thing, so I gave up and read a book instead. By the time Jan came in at 1:30am I’d finished the book I’ve been reeading for the past 2 weeks (Die Templerin by Wolfgang Hohlbeing – if you’re into historical fiction, mystery and betrayal and can read German give it a go. I enjoyed). I also managed to read all of one of the books my dad sent me – Not That Kind of Girl by Catherine Alliott. Yes, it’s chick lit, and yes, I do read that kind of thing. It was a good one, so I’ve decided to keep it. One more book for my future library…