… and we’re off

No time for a proper post. We have to be on the tram in an hour and before that there’s a fridge to be emptied of all spoilable contents and a trip to the post office to be made. Other than that everything’s packed, wrapped and ready to go though. Can you believe I actually did it? (OK so I was up til nearly 1 o’clock this morning and practically went insane in the process, but it’s done. That’s the main thing).

Not sure whether I’ll find the time for a blog while I’m in England, so I’ll take this opportunity to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2009.
Hope you all get what you wish for.

Love Bevchen xxx

The countdown begins

10 days from now I fly back to the land of my birth. That’s 8 more work days and one weekend to go. Ten days should feel like nothing but actually it’s looking incredibly long right now, probably because I’m tired. Maybe tomorrow it will seem closer – at least the number will be in single figures then.

I also have 10 days to decide whether I’m moving out in March or whether to stay here for one more semester (until August) just in case. Umm, help?

Christmas plans

The boyfriend and I booked some flights last night. I’m actually going home for Christmas!!
This is something of a novelty. Last year I stayed in Germany because I had to work, the year before my flight was cancelled because London was engulfed in thick fog and they weren’t letting any planes in or out. So provided the weather doesn’t do anything nasty this year (fingers crossed please!) Jan and I will be arriving in Newcastle at around 10pm on Friday the 19th December. I can’t wait! Not because I’m a particularly big fan of Christmas. I’m just looking forward to the time off. And of course it will be good to see my friends and family, drink alcohol on (gasp) week nights and for once try to pretend I actually have a life outside of work (and the internet). It will also be an excellent opportunity to ignore the fact that the end of January is D-Day, with the D in this case standing for “decision”. You see, 31st January is the last day of my internship… that’s when the boss will be deciding whether to keep me on as a fully-paid employee or not. Waah, I get nervous just thinking about it!