Friday letters + links

Hello! It appears to be Friday again… that’s come around fast! After today, I have a mere three weeks left at work before I’m off for the holidays. Cue the annual Christmas panic! I did manage to get a couple of the cross stitch pictures I’ve been working on made up into cards yesterday, including one that needs to go all the way to New Zealand for my cousin, so at least I can that sent off this weekend and it might arrive before Christmas! I can’t think of anything else to say about this week. Here, have some letters.

Mail box

Dear Good Reads. You are far too tempting. I want to read ALL your books!

Dear Christmas markets. Woohoo, you’re open! Glühwein here I cooooome!

Dear cold. I can feel you lurking, but I am NOT going to give in to you! I have a culinary tour of Karlsruhe to go to tomorrow and I am definitely attending. It cost me too much to let a little cold get in the way of it!

Dear Christmas. You are approaching way too fast and I have no idea when I’m supposed to fit in all my gift buying and get everything wrapped and taken to the post office!

Now for some links:

  • Did you realise that The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” is actually told from the point of view of a stalker? Many people think it’s a nice love song, and it’s even been played at weddings. Oops! Find out about that and more misunderstood songs in this BBC Culture article
  • Ever wondered what Disney princes look like naked? Me neither, but when somebody shared this link on Facebook I obviously couldn’t resist clicking on it. Then I nearly died laughing. You’re welcome!
  • Thinking of a career in Translation? Young Germany will tell you how to get started.
  • As soon as Christmas is over and I have some time to myself again, I need to cross stitch this picture of Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. All together now: Awww!
  • Planning a trip to Iceland? Then you won’t want to miss Kaelene’s 10 must-see places in Iceland. I will definitely be referring back to this for our trip to Iceland this New Year (and also the rest of her blog… as an American in Iceland, she has so many excellent tips!)
  • If you’re in our near London, you need to go and check out the Paddington Bear sculpture trail! It’s on until the end of the year and I’m gutted that I won’t get to see it.
  • This post by Lady of the Cakes on how to start reading in a foreign language is great! (And a reminder to me that I need to start reading in Spanish at some point…)

Phew, lots of links this time. That should make up for not having any last week. Have a great weekend everyone! And enjoy the Christmas markets, if you’re going.


Friday letters

It only seems like two minutes since I came back from Vienna… and yet next week I have more time off! I’m working Monday then picking my brother up from the airport that evening, after which I have the rest of the week off. So far plans include a trip to Basel and a trip to Frankfurt (we’ve discovered there’s a Dialog im Dunkeln there too, so we’re doing that, and also going to the German Film Musem). What else we do will be up to my bro. But before that it’s the weeeeekend… and also about time I reintroduced Friday letters. It seems to have been a while.

Friday letters

Dear Deutsche Bahn. I realise technical errors happen and it’s not necessarily your fault, but having to take a regional (aka slow!) train to work the other day after every long-distance train going in my direction was delayed by 30 minutes and more would have been much less annoying if you’d just provided some information! I assume you know what’s going on, so tell people! Trust me, it will make your staff’s lives a lot easier. Oh, and while I’m at it, I do agree that air conditioning is a wonderful thing on a hot day, but if I need to bring a cardigan with me just for the train you’re probably overdoing it a bit!

Dear Good Reads. I was told you were fun, so I joined up. But nobody mentioned that being on your site would be very bad for my bank account. I get enough temptation from Amazon without your newsletters being added to the mix!

Dear Germany. Well done on your World Cup win! It’s nice to have a good team to fall back on since England are obviously never going to get their act together!

Dear weather. Pleeeeease stay exactly as you are and don’t return to the endless rain of last week. I want to actually do stuff outdoors while my brother is here!

Dear boyfriend. Thanks for buying teabags before I even realised we were almost out. You’re obviously a keeper 😉

Dear brother. Can’t wait to see you on Monday!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have a great weekend. I have plans to go with a friend to an event of an English-speaking meetup group tonight. I don’t often go out of my way to meet English speakers so we’ll see what happens there…

p.s. If you like writing/receiving snail mail, check out Charlotte’s new project.