Little Bev in big woods

I’m so tired I can barely even summon up the energy to blog. The only reason I am blogging is because I’m hoping it will stop me from falling asleep. I need to stay awake because my dad is supposed to be ringing me this evening. I hope he hurries up. I need to make myself some food, but can’t because it’s impossible to hear my phone ringing from the kitchen, seeing as it’s at the other side of the building through two thick doors.

I went for a walk this afternoon. I’d just finished a particularly difficult translation so the bosses wife suggested I go and get some air for a bit, so I walked down to the next tram stop along from the one I get off at in the mornings.
The office I work in is technically in Ettlingen, but only just. You only have to take about eight steps before you come to a sign informing you that you’re now in Waldbronn. But even for those who don’t know how close we are to not actually being in Ettlingen it’s pretty obvious that we’re not exactly in town either. The office is on a kind of industrial estate, but it’s not an industrial estate in the sense that we know them from England. Actually, here they call them industrial parks, and this particular one is surrounded by greenery. Seriously there are trees everywhere. And the buildings are all set down in a little dip, below the main road and the tram tracks, and waaay below the trees. As I was walking along I glanced up at the trees on the opposite side of the road. I was down in the dip and the trees were way up on a hill. Suddenly I had a sensation of being very, very small. It’s amazing how insignificant nature can make you feel.
No wonder so many humans seem to spend half their time thinking of new ways to destroy it…