Guess the Christmas Cross Stitch – round 5

I promised you I would put up the next image for Guess the Christmas Cross stitch before I went on holiday, and since I leave tomorrow here I am keeping my promise. I don’t think this game has ever got to a round 5 before! Last year’s picture was nowhere near as intricate – and nobody ever did get it right 😉

As usual, I’ll start this round by revealing everyone’s answers from the last one. Here’s what the guessers had to work with:

Guess cross stitchFirst up was Meredith, who said: “I had a new idea – maybe a Christmas sleigh with Santa inside a SNOWGLOBE?!” – I love the snowglobe idea!! Sadly, it’s not the right answer.

Becster said: “I’m thinking the brown and red is Rudolph or a reindeer now. And I like Kaffee und Kuchen’s snow globe idea though!” – More love for the snowglobe 🙂

Berlinda guessed “It’s a yeti in a Santa hat being attacked by bats – on a sleigh” – As usual, I have no words for her guesses.

As a reminder, Lady of the Cakes‘ last guess was: “Oh my! It’s a waterskiing body builder garden gnome on steroids!!!”. This week she said: “Oh my… now the gnome has crapped himself”. Poor gnome!

NancyTex said: “The dirty polar bear is not, in fact, surfing. He is riding a magic carpet.” – I can definitely see the magic carpet!

Holly guessed “Santa in his sleigh?”. A popular guess that one.

Elaine said “I’m sticking with my sledge/sleigh with curved structure at the back and a furry creature/teddy bear. There’s now a sack of presents on the sleigh.”

And the final response was from Katrin, who previously guessed that I was stitching a squirrel wearing a Santa hat sitting on a sleigh. This week she said: “Now the squirrel is accompanied by a little ghost.”

So, there you go. Has anyone got any closer to the right answer? I’ll let you decide that for yourselves. I added a bit more stitching before taking the picture this time. Maybe it will help 😉

DSCN3060Alright, over to you lot. What am I stitching?

I can’t publish blog posts from my tablet, so you have all the way until I get back to get your guesses in. Off you go 🙂

Guess the Christmas cross stitch 2015 – round 4

It’s time for round 4 of Guess the Christmas Cross Stitch! But first, as usual, a round up of last week’s guesses for your amusement 😀

Here’s what you had as a basis for guessing:

cross stitch 2015And your guesses:
Elaine said “I’m still going with the small furry creature, possibly a soft toy. It is on a sledge/sleigh which has a curving structure at the back with a star hanging from it.” – A very detailed answer. Will she change her mind this week?

Constance guessed “Christmas tree to the left side and a present.” – Is the Christmas tree grey or still to be stitched, I wonder?

Simone (Lady of the Cakes) said: “Oh my! It’s a waterskiing body builder garden gnome on steroids!!!” – yup, you can tell she’s German. It’s always garden gnomes with them 😉

Zoe‘s guess was “Dancing monkey wearing a Santa hat with a king wave about to break on him (look out, little guy!)” – Oh no, poor monkey! I’m pleased to say it’s not this!

Becster said “Yeah I’m thinking that the brown might be a teddy bear with a Santa hat. The rest of it I don’t know!” – Maaaybe. Or maybe not 😉

Katrin said “Homer Simpson has vanished. Now it is a squirrel with a red hat on a sleigh.” – Cute! Sounds like something from Narnia!

Kezzie had two suggestions: “The obvious choice would be a curved sleigh at the back (white witch style) but in my head, I can imagine Father Christmas surfing on a Hokusai-style tsunami in red and white shorts!!” – I love both of these answers and can totally see the sleigh. In my mind it’s beautiful.

Jess said “I see an octopus, but that’s not very christmassy.” – I can see what you mean Jess, there’s definitely a look of an octopus (or jellyfish!) about it.

Kerri mentioned a chicken, but only to mess with me 😉

Chiara said “I see red and now all I can think is Rudolph!” – maybe this week’s addition will help her?

Holly had a similar answer: “I don’t know..I did think Rudolf, I still kinda think that? Or the dog out of the Grinch?” – I had forgotten there even was a dog in the Grinch! Clearly I need to watch that again.

Meredith‘s response was “I still think it could be sledding of some kind…but maybe on a tsunami?” – sounds dangerous 😉

And finally, NancyTex said “Clearly it’s a dirty polar bear surfing in the azure waters of Antarctica.” – An excellent answer, but not quite right 😉

Lots of surfing and sleighs this week. Will the next picture change your minds? We’ll see….
Here it is:

Guess cross stitchIf enough of you guess before Thursday I’ll get a new picture up then for you to work on while I’m away.
As usual, answers in the comments 🙂

Guess the Christmas cross stitch 2015 – round 3

Guys, I have a confession to make… I made a slight mistake on this cross stitch picture! By the time I noticed I’d done too much to unpick, so I had to start again. It was a really minor mistake though, so it makes no difference to our guessing game. I’m only telling you this in case some clever clogs notices that the fabric colour has changed 😉 I started stitching in the exact same way as before, so everything that was there last time is back. Then I of course added more so you would have something new to help you guess. But first a look at last week’s answers. Here’s what you were basing your suggestions on:

cross stitch 2015Becster guessed “An elf riding a sleigh” – a good suggestion, but not the one 😉

Alie went for “surfing santa” – there were a lot of water-based guesses this time round

Simone (Lady of the Cakes) went for “Pebbles Flintstone taking a bath”. A cute image, but not right.

NancyTex chose not to guess, bowing down to Simone’s greatness instead.

Katrin said “Now Homer is on a sleigh”. Looks like he’s gone a bit of a funny colour as well!

eadouglas asked “Is it Santa? Wearing a Haiwaiian shirt?” – nope, sorry!

CJ guessed “A toy boat in a puddle. It’s sail is red”. Interesting, but not right.

Elaine went for “A small furry creature (not sure which one yet) wearing a winter hat sitting on a sldge”. Oooooh, intriguing!

Meredith said “Ahh, the blue changes everything! Maybe a pair of kids on a toboggan/sleigh?”. Well Meredith, let’s see what this week’s picture does to your theory…

And finally, Kelly suggested “a rocking horse. With blue rockers and a red saddle”.

Blue clearly means water in most people’s eyes. Also, I have to admit I’m disappointed that nobody said a chicken. That’s all I can see when I look at this picture and last week’s – and I know what it’s supposed to be!

Anyway, I think this week’s picture is going to change a few people’s minds!
Well, I won’t keep you in suspense any longer…

cross stitch 2015

So, what am I stitching? Answers in the comments, as usual. I’m looking forward to seeing what you all come up with this time. 🙂

Guess the Christmas cross stitch 2015 – round 2

I’ve gathered a fair few answers from the first round of guess the Christmas cross stitch, so I think now it’s time for a new image. But first, a look at last time’s answers. The image I gave you for your guesses was this:

Cross stitchAnd here’s what you all said:

Lady of the cakes thinks “It’s one distressed crab approaching another crab that has been run over and flattened, with blood squirting out of it.” – Umm, very festive?! 😉

BerLinda, of course, had to bring the tone down instantly: “A penis that somehow got trapped in an earring”. – I’m afraid to ask who she has on her Christmas card list!

Holly guessed a reindeer. Finally a sensible answer!

Meredith also thought a reindeer – maybe Rudolph. The red would be his nose, I assume 🙂

NancyTex suggested “One of the wise men, running late, flagging a cab.” – I’m assuming this would be a camel cab back in the day 😉

Elaine thinks it might be “a small child holding a Christmas stocking” – by the way, she’s good at this game so the competitive among you know who to watch out for 😉 (Not necessarily saying this is right though…)

Emma said: “I’m going to guess that it is going to be a child, holding a stocking, near a fireplace, which is also dangerously close to the Christmas tree.” – I love how detailed this answer is 😀

Kezzie’s response was: “I think Santa’s stuck in the chimney and an elf is pulling him out!” – Just like in the children’s song 😀 I love it!

Heather guessed “Santa de-icing the sleigh with a flamethrower!” – probably necessary up there in the North Pole!

Steven said “Smaug in flight! The red is FIRE!” – I wish my cross stitching skills could do this justice, because that would be AWESOME!

Katrin thinks it might be Homer Simpson holding a torch. I don’t see it myself, but okay.

And finally, Kelly asked “Is it a hamster wearing a Christmas hat?”. It’s not, but that sounds adorable!

And now for today’s image. I’ve added a little bit to the picture, so again I ask what do you think I’m stitching? Answers in the comments please.

cross stitch 2015And go! 🙂

Guess the Christmas cross stitch 2015

I promised you a new game of “guess what I’m stitching”, so here’s round one. Those of you who have played before know what to do, for the rest of you it’s incredibly simple: I show you a photo of the progress I’ve made so far with a cross stitch picture and you tell me what it looks like/what you think it’s going to be. Your only clue is that it will eventually be turned into a Christmas card. Here’s your first image:

Cross stitchAnd now, in the words of the wonderful Roy Walker, just say what you see!

I’ll leave this up for a few days for you to guess on before I upload the next photo. Good luck!

Guess the Christmas cross stitch: The solution

Thank you to everyone who took part in my little cross stitch guessing game. I had lots of fun reading your guesses. You’re all completely mad! (I mean that in the most complimentary possible way, of course.) Before I get on with revealing the answer, here are your guesses from the third and final round. The picture I gave you to work with was this:

cross stitch 3

First to enter a guess was Elaine, who thought it was “a fair-haired child in a blue coat pushing a sled”. Close, Elaine. Very close!

Katrin thought it was “a dinosaur who wants to jump on a sled”. Unfortunately not, although I think that would make a great Christmas card for a small boy!

Polly guessed “a Smurf sledding”. Apparantly the merest hint of blue has all my readers obsessing about Smurfs 😉

Steffi agreed with Elaine: “a child (girl?) pulling a sled”. That little word “pulling” brought Steffi even closer to the right answer than Elaine, but still not quite there.

Becster also agreed with Elaine (but didn’t mention whether the child was pushing or pulling the sled).

And finally, Charlotte came up with the very creative idea of “a superhero flying on a sled with his (or her) cape flapping in the wind”. I like this guess, but unfortunately it’s not the right answer.

And now, here’s what I was really stitching:

cross stitch snowman

A snowman, wearing a blue coat and pulling a sled (I just realised I forgot to backstitch the rope he’s pulling it by!). The yellow that fooled you all into thinking it was a fair-haired child actually belongs to his hat! I hope you all enjoyed my little game. Maybe we can do it again some time 🙂

Guess the Christmas Cross Stitch: Round 3

This will be your last picture to guess on before I give you the big reveal, so if you can’t guess what I’m stitching based on this, tough luck 😉 But first I shall give you the answers to the last round. This was the photo I gave you:

cross stitch

And these are your guesses:
Elaine stuck with her theme from the first round and guessed “a chimney pot and a sack of presents”. I’m afraid not, Elaine.

Simone, aka Lady of the Cakes came up with “blue headed tapir about to eat a Kitkat”. It’s better than pervy smurfs at least!

Frau Dietz thought it might be “Sonic the Hedgehog catching a fly”. Did he catch flies? I seem to remember some random flying insect in the computer games…

Someone calling themselves xoxo said “It looks like a blue car driving on a red road.”. I can kind of see were they were coming from with the car, but it’s not that.

Lily Lau said “Humm… I think it’s a sledge with some snow besides it and a huge blue bag full of presents!”. She’s obviously been talking to Elaine 😉

Katrin said “I think it is a squirrel next to a chimney who is about to jump.” Now I want to stitch a Christmas squirrel for real!

Amanda from Rhyme and Ribbons guessed “A bluebird with a red light saber for sure!”. I love this guess, but sadly it’s wrong.

Kate had no clue, so we’ll move on to Linda. “So, it’s a blue cat, dragging a red ribbon somewhere. Maybe the North Pole – would explain the blueness of the cat.” Indeed… I would probably be blue if I was at the North Pole!

Polly suggested “a blue dog/raccoon hybrid eating a brick”, which had me trying to imagine what that would look like for the next few hours!

Jessica Jane’s answer was “someone about to jump on a sled in the snow”. Warmer than some is all I’m saying 😉

And finally, Charlotte went for “A blue snowman sticking his tongue out!”. My mental image of this looks so cute 😀

Now onto the third and final picture. Just say what you see, folks. Say what you see!

cross stitch 3

Guess the Christmas cross stitch: round 2

There were some interesting guesses for round 1 of my little game! (You can see the original post here). Here are your guesses in the order I received them:

First up is Lady of the Cakes, who I’m 90% sure only made this guess so I would have to type it onto my blog. I don’t even want to know what search terms this will result in… “Smurf about to come all over a KitKat“. Strangely enough, no that is not the answer! And I sincerely hope nobody was reading this post while eating a KitKat…

Elaine from I Used to be Indecisive guessed “A sleigh with a sack of presents on the back”. Not the right answer Elaine, but much closer than Simone’s!

Sara Louise guessed “A chimney with blue smoke coming out of it“, which would at least be sort of Christmassy. Not the right answer though 😉

Linda of Expat Eye on Germany (and the instigator of this game) suggested “Jack  Frost nipping at a very rectangular robin red breast“. Better than pervert smurfs anyway 😉

Katrin said it was obviously “a cigarette with blue smoke“, but since that wouldn’t be very Christmassy added a second guess: A hand coming out of a chimney. A blue hand, obviously.

Charlotte’s guess was “A blue robin sat on a twig!“. I’ve seen cross stitches of blue owls, so why not robins?

And finally, Aussa Lorens said “Definitely a NO SMOKING sign, Xmas style.“. I’m sensing a theme here!

Now for round two. Here’s a new photo taken during the stitching process. Maybe you’ll have better luck guessing the cross stitch based on this picture:

cross stitch

Enter your guesses in the comments. If nobody gets it right, I’ll have one more picture after this then I’ll reveal the answer.

Guess the Christmas cross stitch

The lovely Linda asked me whether I’d be allowing people to guess what I’m cross stitching again this year. I hadn’t really thought about it at the time, but once the idea was in my head I was obviously going to make use of it eventually. I’m only working on Christmas cards at the moment, so the picture is only a small one but I think we can have some fun with it anyway. So, any idea what this is eventually going to be?

cross stitch

I feel a bit bad giving you so little to go with, but on the other hand I want the game to last for more than one round so that’s all you’re getting 😉 Make your guesses in the comments and in a few days I’ll reveal whether anyone has guessed it already and, if not, post another photo.

What am I stitching? Part 6: We have a winner!

Today, somebody found my blog by searching for “how many calories are burned doing cross stitch?” (I suspect the answer is not very many!). I decided to take that as a hint that it’s time I got on with my what am I stitching series.  As usual, I’ll start with your guesses from last time.  Here’s the picture I gave you to work from:

Cross stitch 5

Lady of the Cakes said: “OMG, it’s the Incredible Hulk taking a piss!!! …in fact, he’s giving himself a golden shower…” All I can say to that is wow…

Polly from A Girl and Her Travels thought it might be a gremlin (riding the moon to… somewhere). Gremlinland perhaps?

Katrin from Land of Candycanes decided to stick with the leprechaun idea, but added that this time the leprechaun creature is sitting on a moon. And he has a letter in his pocket.

K8’s guess was a child dressed in green with a grey teddy on it’s back? Only the legs of the teddy are stitched so far. Oh, and the teddy is also holding a medal on a pink ribbon.

Thoughtsy went with a rabbit in a green teddy bear angel suit on the moon! Not a bad guess at all.

Gina from A 4star Life decided it was a baby bunny trying to knock that pesky star off the top of the moon! So close, Gina!

Tina from Kulturschock said “Right now, this looks like Jeff Goldblum halfway through his transformation into The Fly assaulting a rabbit on the moon. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

The Laughing Housewife thought it looked like a green Cat in the Hat on the moon

And finally, we have a winner!
I purposely saved Elaine from I Used to Be Indecisive‘s answer for last, because she was the first to come up with a correct answer:
It’s a rabbit in a green outfit sitting astride a moon. It’s left paw is holding the moon and the right paw is reaching up to try and touch the star. It is wearing a nightcap-style hat which is hanging down its back. The hat has a yellow bobble on the end.
Congratulations Elaine! That’s pretty much exactly what it is! Give me your address please and some sweet german goodness (chocolate and the like) shall come winging its way towards you as soon as I get round to visiting the post office.

I also promised a second prize for the answer I liked best. With so many great guesses, I couldn’t possibly choose between them, so there will be two small prizes making their way to lucky winners.
1. Lady of the Cakes for her Incredible Hulk guess, because it literally made me laugh out loud.
2. Linda from Expat Eye on Latvia for her very first guess way back at the start of the series: A leprechaun with an egg-shaped head, kicking his heels together as he dances a jig in his green booties. For some reason I can’t explain, a banana is throwing up a little in the background. Purely because the idea of a banana throwing up appealed to me.
Congratulations ladies! E-mail me your addresses and I’ll send you some treats.

And in case anyone is still wondering about my progress, here’s what I’ve stitched so far:

Cross stitch 6

Still a long way to go, but at least it finally looks like something!!