Off to Hamburgerland

Hehe. I wonder if I’ll ever get tired of the joke in the title? Probably not, for I am strange and childish.

So tonight the boyfriend and I are off to Hamburg to visit my friend Claire. We leave straight after work tonight so this will be my last blog until I come back. We are also going to see a friend of Jan’s, N, who he went to uni with. Claire has to work tomorrow night so we’ll meet up with N. then.

And now a message for the one person from my real life who actually reads my blog. She also happens to be my boyfriend’s sister and is 22 today.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Frauke. I hope you have a wonderful day surrounded by lovely people.

(Also, I’ve just discovered that you can change the colour of the font on here and am very amused that the button you press to make that stuff appear is called “Kitchen sink”. Tee hee)