Don’t let the bed bugs bite…

My sister is the chief bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding, so she’s currently in the process of trying to arrange a hen weekend here in Karlsruhe for her. They’ve already said that, if they end up being more people than Jan and I can put up, they’ll go to a hotel. So the other day, I was checking at a few hotels in the area, looking at prices and reading comments. One of the hotels I was looking at is in my street, which would of course be perfect. So I started looking at what other guests had thought of it. One particular negative review I came across said the following:
“We stayed at this hotel for a week and the bedding wasn’t changed once in that time!”
Now, I don’t libe in a hotel, and I  suppose people do have higher expectations of a hotel than they might otherwise, but I have to admit, if someone came to stay with me for a week, I probably wouldn’t change their bedding during that time either. Am I just a slob? Or is that reviewer too sensitive? How often would you change your guest’s bedding? Discuss!