What’s the time Mister Wolf? Apparantly not dinner time…

I love my boyfriend very much, but there are some things I’m hoping we can sort out rather quickly once we start living together.
Like his weird ideas about time for one…

To me, it is quite clear that some time between six and seven at night, it’s tea time (or dinner time if you prefer. Whatever, time to eat anyway). Given that I have my lunch somewhere between twelve and one, meaning by 6 pm it’s been at least 5 hours since the last time I ate, I’d consider that fairly reasonable. Jan, however, is incapable of being home from work that early (apparantly he’s only productive in the afternoon/evening) so we agreed on a compromise – I would have tea ready by 8 pm, he would either be there to eat it or heat his up later. It was a good system, it was working. Then the deadline for the dissertation started to creep closer. I was told that I should now be using my time after work to work on the dreaded D-word. Note use of the phrase “I was told”… as in this was not my idea. I was not to cook any food. No, Jan would do that when he came in. Oh, and he also promised to get home earlier so that we could actually eat at a reasonable time.  Sounds good, no? And it would be if it worked. Clearly something, somewhere is going wrong though. Because if his plan was actually being put into action as stated we would not have eaten at half past ten last night. And I would not be sitting here now – at ten minutes past nine in the evening – listening to my stomach crying out for food. And this despite the fact that Jan called me at 20 past 7 (almost two hours ago!!!) to say he was just going to pick his laptop up from work, then would do a bit of shopping and come home to cook. If this didn’t happen all the time I’d probably be worried something had happened to him…
Actually, if I wasn’t so hungry I would probably still be worried (even though it happens all the time). Right now, though, all I can think about is whether I’m actually going to get anything to eat tonight.
I think I preferred it when I had to work on my dissertation and do all the cooking…


Listen to the choir sing

Jan’s choir performed at a little cafe/bar place in town yesterday, so naturally I went along. It’s the first time I’ve seen them perform (last time I was ill) and I’d only ever heard two out of the 8 of them sing before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I really enjoyed myself though, and I thought they were all very good. (I’m not entirely sure whether my opinion counts though seeing as I don’t have a musical bone in my body and can’t sing a note. It must be nice to have a talent…).

Other than that I didn’t do much this weekend. Most of Saturday afternoon was spent planning a trip around the UK in August with Jan and a friend. We’ll be starting in London then heading to the North East of England (via Wales) and finally to London, before coming back down to take the ferry back. Phew. It’s all very vague at the moment (the only part we have definite dates for is London) but I’m hoping to plan in a few meetings with friends along the way. And if anyone knows of any good, reasonably priced B&Bs in Salisbury, Cardiff or Edinburgh then please send the details my way. All recommendations gratefully received!

I was going to bake today, but I couldn’t decide whether to make cookies or cake, then Jan went home and told me he won’t be coming over again til Tuesday(!) so I ended up not bothering. No point in making an entire cake just for me! Instead I’m sitting here eating cheese flavoured tortilla chips while waiting for my salmon with spinach and tomatoes to finish cooking. Hurry up fish, I’m hungry!

Music man

You know, I don’t think I’ve mentioned in any of my many posts (according to wordpress this is my 119th!) that my boyfriend is a musician.
Well, he is. Not like a full time musician. He has a degree in computer science. But on the side he’s a musician. A drummer to be exact, or at least that’s the instrument that he actually learned to play. As in took official lessons. He plays guitar as well though, and he sings. He even tried out bass guitar at his work’s Christmas party last year. Makes you wonder why he’s with me, the girl who can’t even yodel (ha, I totally stole that last bit from Beaches).
Anyway… I am going somewhere with this, honest.

So every winter there’s a big party in my student residence, the Heimfest. It’s on the first Friday in December usually and it’s a public party – anyone can come in for a small fee, and each of the floors sells various food and drinks throughout the night. There’s also a band. (Do you see where I’m going with this yet?).
So the last couple of years, in addition to the “ordinary” band (usually some local group) some people from here in the building decided to form their own band who would perform before the main act. Naturally the boyfriend was involved.

Since the residence band went down so well last year the people who are in charge of this year’s Heimfest have asked some people whether they would like to perform again this time round. Naturally they would. And naturally my boyfriend wants to be part of it too, even though he doesn’t actually live here any more. That doesn’t matter though – it doesn’t have to be people who actually live here. They just have to be connected to the residence in some way. And Jan did live here for (way too many) years.

Tonight the band are having their very first meeting. I won’t call it a practice because I think tonight is more about discussing than actually practicing, although Jan did take his guitar so you never know. The meeting started at 7pm, although Jan didn’t turn up til half past. It’s now 10:30pm. I’m hungry. I’m tired. I got three hours sleep last night. I’m currently debating whether to just go and eat something, running the risk that Jan will turn up just as I finish complaining that he’s hungry too. Decisions, decisions.
They’re having another band meeting tomorrow. Luckily I actually have plans tomorrow – while he’s playing guitar I’ll be in Heilbronn tasting wine with my ex-colleagues. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long time before I actually get to spend another weekend with my boyfriend though.
*Sigh* Roll on December!