If I had a time machine…

A few weeks ago, Jane from Is That You Darling made a list of ten years she would travel back to if she had a time machine. I wanted to steal the idea immediately, but first I had to think of ten times that I wanted to visit… it’s harder than it sounds, you know! Instead of using years, I’ve decided to organise mine a little differently. So here are the ten occasions/events that I would like to travel back in time to see (I’m assuming I would only be able to watch, not actually do anything, so no killing Hitler or anything like that!).

  • My grandparents wedding. My dad’s parents are one of the few couples I know who are still a) together and b) happy. Next year they will be celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary! It would be lovely to go back and see where it all began.
  • When England won the 1966 World Cup. I’ve seen how people react when England wins even insignificant football matches, so the atmosphere when they won the World Cup must have been amazing!
  • The Rocky Horror Show. I would love to go back and see this performed by the original cast!
  • The building of Stonehenge. Then I could find out once and for all how – and why – they did it!
  • The opening of the Berlin wall. Although I was alive when the Berlin wall was opened, I didn’t pay much attention to it… mostly because I was six years old at the time! Also, we were living in Northern Ireland then, on an army base. On the rare occasions that I watched the news, other items seemed more relevant to me.  I would love to go back to November 1989 and watch the celebrations when people in East and West Berlin were finally reunited.
Part of the Berlin Wall that has been left as it was
Part of the Berlin Wall that has been left as it was
  • The “I Have  Dream” speech.  Stealing this one from Jane, but I agree that it must have been amazing to be part of that crowd.
  • The moment the apple fell on Newton’s head. I just think it would be incredibly cool to witness a Eureka! moment (and I would prefer not to disturb Archimedes in his bath…).
  • The creation of Metamorphosis I. I’ve been to the Escher Museum in The Hague and I find M.C. Escher’s artwork fascinating! It would be so interesting to sit and watch him create one of them.
  • Kitty Hawk at the time of the Wright brothers’ first flight. We take flying so much for granted now, it would be fascinating to witness the very first time!
  • Hannibal coming over the Alps. Those elephants must have been quite  a sight!

So there you have it… ten historical events and far too many exclamation marks 😉

Where yould you go back to?