In which I become male and my boyfriend is the root of all evil

My internet is going incredibly slow at the moment. I blame all the people searching for information about the end of the world. It’s going to happen on Wednesday apparantly. We’re all going to be sucked into oblivion by a black hole built by Swiss scientists. I always knew you couldn’t trust the Swiss. Nobody can really be that neutral.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you all about my weekend. So…
The karting ended up being sort of fun, although it was exactly as scary as I was expecting. Luckily I didn’t have to stay in for the whole time (60 minutes!). I only spent about 25 minutes in the car and just from that my arms are aching. While everyone else sped around the track like lunatics I chose to go incredibly slowly, never managing to get all the way round in under a minute. The others were in teams of two, taking turns to drive the kart. Jan was in the team that came first (mostly becasue the person he was in a team with had been before and was incredibly fast). I on the other hand was dead last. Good job I’m not at all competetive!

Later we went to Vögelbräu where we played “what am I”, a variation on the old game where everyone has the name of a person stuck to their head and has to find out who they are by asking questions which can be answered with yes or no. Except in this case it wasn’t just people that were stuck on our foreheads, but could be anything. People, things, concepts… the possibilities were endless. At one point I was “male” and Jan had “the root of all evil” stuck to his forehead.

I’m now exhausted and my arms are too tired to type, so I’m off to relax with a nice cup of tea and a book that will allow me to switch of my brain completely. I’m sure I have some crappy chick lit around here somewhere that will do nicely…


Weekend activities

I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me. The group of friends that Jan went to uni with are having a kind of reunion in Karlsruhe. Most of them live here anyway, but we don’t see as much of them as we’d like, but others have moved away so they’ll be coming down.

It all starts tonight when Jan and I shall be cooking. Last year his friend Eff married a Japanese girl. I didn’t go to the wedding because it was on a Friday, 10 days after I started an internship. Not the best time to ask for a day off! Jan was there though. At some point during the evening all the guests played musical chairs (kids games at a wedding – strange people the Germans!). Whenever someone failed to get a chair and had to leave the game they were given a piece of paper with instructions on, some nice thing to do for the happy couple. Jan’s said “invite the bride and groom to your place in May 2008 and cook something nice for them.” Of course, Jan being Jan, he didn’t actually manage to invite them for dinner in May. So tonight he’s finally getting round to it. This means I’ll be going round to his place tonight to help him cook, and I’ll be staying the night (a fact that his flatmate wasn’t too pleased about but tough. it’s not just his flat!)

The cooking shall be followed tomorrow by an activity for all – karting. There were various options for things to do (I wanted to go paintballing but too many people said no to that. Boooo). The choice was eventually made for go karting, because it was the only indoor suggestion and the weather forecast doesn’t look good. So karting it is… my legs hurt just thinking about it!
The evening shall be spent recovering with a meal and some drinks at Vogelbräu, a local brewery, then on Sunday morning we’re all going for breakfast somewhere… location to be decided.

Phew. Lots going on. Told you it was going to be a busy weekend! So I’ll be back on Sunday evening to tell you all how it went.
In the meantime have a great weekend people.

Beelzebub in a bottle

Jan and I went to the Bierbörse again yesterday. We had to. We had to find beer for my dad. He’s a big fan of beer is my dad. Not just any beer though. Oh no, it has to be proper beer. No lager allowed. The kind of beer he has isn’t chock full of chemicals and – shock, horror – can actually go off. Over the last few years his friends and relatives (with the exception of my grandparents) have developed a kind of competition to find new beers for my dad. Everyone wants to be the one that presents him with the most beers he hasn’t already tried. Jan and I have a slight advantage here, being in Germany. Everyone else can only check out their local supermarket and hope my dad hasn’t already discovered the ones they find. The beers we find tend not to be available in England. Big points for us. So yesterday we headed to the Bierbörse and checked out the “113 beers from throughout the world” stand in search of interesting beers. We ended up getting three – one from Brazil, one from Ethiopia (cos it sounds dead cool, even if the beer turns out to be crap) and a French one that I chose purely for the name. It’s called Belzebuth and has a great picture of a demon on it. Beelzebub in a bottle.

Later we went and met some of Jan’s friends at Cafe Max. The group that he hung around with at university are planning a kind of reunion next weekend. Most of them still live here and we see them reasonably often, but some have moved away, so the Karlsruhe dwellers decided a reunion was in order. They are currently trying to plan activities for the weekend, so we met up last night to discuss it. A number of activities had been suggested, including clmbing, bowling, paintball and go karting. Personally I was for paintball (I’ve wanted to do that for sooo long) but I was outvoted. Boring gits! Bowling, they decided, is boring and can be done any time. So it’s been decided that climbing will be the first choice with karting as an indoor alternative for bad weather. Boo, the two things I least wanted to do.

Today we’ve mostly been looking at tourist activities in Scotland. The boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Edinburgh. In October. Are we insane? Yes, it is entirely possible that we are. Oh well, if it rains I suppose we can always just spend all our time in bed 😉