Guess the Christmas Cross Stitch 2015 – REVEAL!

I promised you a reveal today, and a reveal you shall get! I’m not 100% finished yet (lots of backstitching still to do!), but I think I’ve done enough for you to be able to see what it is. But first of all, we’ll have a look at the guesses from last time. Also, I know some of you have been wondering why I stopped the regular updates. The answer is I’ve always made it a rule to stop the game and reveal what I was stitching once somebody guessed correctly. Yes, you read that right… somebody gave me the right answer last time, or at least something close enough for me to count it. Here’s what I gave you to work with last time:

cross stitch 2015

And here are your guesses:

Kezzie said “I’m still seeing a rabbit in there- so I am sticking with pile of animals!x” When I said no rabbits, she guessed there was a deer in there.

Elaine said: “I think it’s at least three animals sitting on a sledge/sleigh – something large and silver (Moomin/hippo/pony wearing something green, a rabbit/reindeer and a little mouse wearing a dark jacket. This is a hard one!”. Inventive, but not right.

JJ said: “I see a dog with a man sitting on it. Either the dog is huge or the man is tiny – maybe it’s one of Santa’s little helpers?”. Part of this answer was along the right lines..

xstitchbee said: “I’m seeing a puppy snuggled up on the right & no idea what’s on the left ha xx” – Getting closer!

Charlotte said: “GOT IT! It’s a man carving a turkey.” Clever! But not the right answer.

Katrin, who had previously guessed a rabbit and a ghost on a sleigh added: “The teddy bear carries a sword. There’s a lot going on on that sleigh.”

Josie Beanz said: “I think it’s a guinea pig and a rabbit curled up asleep inside an old boot. The blue is the sole of the boot and the bottom has been cut open so you can see the creatures inside.” This was actually a fairly good guess, but not quite right.

Becster said: “It looks like a reindeer falling flat on it’s arse on some ice – this is a toughie!!!!”

And finally, we come to Sarah’s comment: “I’ve been totally stumped up until now. But now I finally see something: a cat and a dog snuggling. Maybe in a basket or something – can’t make out what the colors on the edge will be.” First time guessing, and BINGO!!
Also, an additional shout out to xstitchbee, who amended her previous guess to “No wait… I think it’s a puppy and a cat curled up!!” Sarah was first though, and she was almost spot on… except it’s not a basket.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… here’s what I was actually stitching:

Christmas cross stitch

It is, in fact, a cat and a dog snuggled up inside a Santa hat! The red in the middle that had you all so confused is the puppy’s collar 😉

Next year, I’m choosing something with fewer colours and no bloody fractional stitches! Also, I’m not sure what possessed me to pick something with multiple coloured backstitching! Clearly I was suffering from temporary insanity! Oh well, now I can finally get on with my other Christmas cards… all of which will feature small, easy pictures!