A lazy Sunday and some good news

Yesterday, I made the conscious decision to leave the computer switched off. I didn’t stay offline completely, but I was limited to sites that my BlackBerry will actually load… so basically Facebook and BBC News/Sport. Instead of sitting in front of the computer, I spent the day on the couch in my pyjamas. Blanket, tea, a box of Maltesers and the TV – the perfect lazy Sunday. And I even managed to find an episode of House that was being shown in English… on a French TV channel. Globalisation at its best!

Not the pyjamas I was wearing yesterday...
Not the pyjamas I was wearing yesterday…

In other news, my boyfriend made it to South America without incident and my grandpa was finally released from hospital on Saturday. He is under strict instructions to relax for the next month, so it will be a quiet Christmas, but my grandma tells me things went a lot better than the doctors had expected. Finally some good news from back home!

Tomorrow, I shall have a post for the Dr Who and cake fans among you… stay tuned!


Lounging around watching other people do sport

I love lazy Sundays. I haven’t been able to have one for a while – last Sunday I had family visiting and the Sunday before we were in Hamburg – but today, for once we had no plans. So after a nice long lie in, Jan and I spent most of the afternoon lying on the sofa drinking tea and watching the Olympics.

This is the first time I’ve watched the Olympic games in Germany and it’s a little strange seeing things from another perspective. Suddenly all the interviews are with members of the German teams (who mostly don’t seem to be doing very well by the way). For the first time ever I have no idea how the Brits are doing, except in the women’s hockey, and that’s only because the team that thrashed us 5-1 happened to be German. I must admit to sniggering slightly when I realised that two of Germans goals were scored by someone called Fanny Rinne. Childish I know but… hahaha!

Jan’s gone home now and I’m about to go and make some food before continuing to plan my birthday celebrations. I’m 25 on Wednesday people. Don’t forget! 😉