Lovely Little Letters

Quite a few children in my life have had birthdays recently – including my godson and my brother – so I decided to make use of some of the various alphabets that have featured in my magazines and make them all cards with their first initial on them. Here’s a small gallery of what I made (click the pictures to see bigger versions). For most of them, I took a close up photo of the stitched image and one of the full card… except the last one where I for some reason only took one of the finished article?!

Apologies for any blurriness – apparently I still don’t know how to use my camera.

You may have noticed that there are two Ts. Just to make things extra confusing they both have the same name! And their birthdays are just 17 days apart. They were born in different years though – one was 2 at the end of August and the second, my gorgeous godson, turned 3 on 13th September.

My favourite is the T monster, but the cheeky monkeys are pretty cool too 🙂


First Friday letters of February

It is February today… the second month of the year. How did that happen?!?
It is also Friday, and we all know what that means… Letters time!

Letter box
Letter box (Photo credit: Pete Reed)

Dear January. Where did you go? I know you’re not my favourite month, and I can’t say I’m exactly sorry to see you go, but I was hoping to get a little more done before February turned up!

Dear hair. Sometimes, I hate you. How is it even possible for a shampoo that was fine two weeks ago to stop working on you? Does anyone else out there become immune to their shampoo after a while or is it just me?

weather symbol
All the weather! (Photo: Wikipedia)

Dear weather. I’m confused! First we had snow, then freezing rain and black ice. This week it’s gradually got warmer – peaking with highs of a whole 16°C on Wednesday. And then there’s the rain – we’ve had lots of rain over the past few days, although yesterday was a mixture of cloud and sunshine. Next week, it’s supposed to get colder again. What is going on?!

Dear new kettle. I love how red and shiny you are! Now I just need the toaster to break so I can replace that with a red one too.

Dear cross stitch. I’ve been neglecting you this week, but I really need to get a move on if I’m going to have three kits completed by May! I’ll be back on you with a venegeance this weekend.

That’s all from me. I appear to have done nothing this week! Click on the button for more Friday’s letters.


Friday already! (Letters time)

Looking back on this week, it seems to have both flown by and dragged. It’s strange to think I’ve been back at work a whole week already and Christmas was nearly 3 weeks ago! It feels like I only got back from Luxembourg a couple of days ago. But, on the other hand, now that routine has set back in it’s as if I’d never been away from work. Monday and Tuesday sped by because I had plenty to do, then the stream of jobs slowed to a trickle and I spent lots of time wishing either a translation would come in or home time would finally arrive. But now it’s Friday, the end of my first week back at work, and time for another edition of Friday letters!

Letters (Photo credit: MadalenaPestana)

Dear boyfriend. Thank you for doing the dishes the other night so I could go to bed. You’re a star!

Dear Internet service provider. Putting someone on hold for 20 minutes only to then disconnect them rather than actually answering the call is not good customer service, okay!

Dear Karlsruhe train station. When you write on the board “This train is cancelled. Please listen for the announcements” it tends to help if you actually make announcements! Just saying…

Dear new dress. You look just as beautiful in real life as you did on the Internet. Can’t wait to wear you!

Cheddar cheeses
Cheddar cheeses (Photo credit: richard_north)

Dear self. If you really want to get rid of your trouble zones, doing one circuit on your exercise DVD one day a week is not going to be enough (even if it is the thighs one that makes you want to cry)! Be better next week. The alternative is giving up Cheddar cheese and I know you don’t want that…

Dear weather. Was it really necessary to bring back the cold just in time for the weekend? Me no likey!

That is all. Not much has been going on this week.

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First Friday letters of the year!

Yes, I am aware that I’ve already blogged today, but there’s no way I was going to let that stop me from posting my very first Friday letters of the year!

New Orleans: Brass letter slot in old door, Al...
New Orleans: Brass letter slot in old door, Algiers Point neighborhood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear T. Thank you for your hospitality and for showing us round Luxembourg. We had a fabulous time. Can’t wait to see you again this year – wherever it may be!

Dear 2013. Finally, you’ve arrived! For an entire year, I get to end every single date with my favourite number (13 in case you hadn’t figured it out).

13 (Photo credit: zigazou76)

Surely this means 2013 has to be my year? I am hoping for good things from you, understood?

Dear Eddie Izzard. I am coming to see you in Berlin in April and I can’t wait! I received the e-mail today telling me my payment has gone in and the tickets are on their way. What excellent news for my final day of my Christmas holiday! (I’m back at work on Monday.)

Dear Cacharel. I looked in 4 different shops today for my perfume (one of which I know for a fact used to stock it) and failed to find a bottle. Your website no longer lists it under fragrances either. I am so not impressed!! Bring it back, please.

Dear L. Can’t wait to see you later! Has it really been almost 11 months since I visited you in Delft that time?!

Dear self. Tea is not going to cook itself, so get off the computer and get on with it, otherwise you won’t be ready when it’s time to go out and meet L!

For more Friday’s letters check out and I’ll be back with another load next Friday. Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday letters on the last day of November

Letters (Photo credit:

The end of the week has come, and with it the end of the month. Tomorrow is the first day of the last month of the year – scary! Here are my Friday letters for this week.

Dear flu jab. I was told that the arm the needle had been stabbed into may be a little sore the next day, but why did nobody see fit to inform me that every muscle in my body would be aching as well? I was so glad to sink into my bed on Tuesday night! And just so you know, my arm didn’t stop hurting until today!

Dear December. With all the activities we have planned, I am either going to have an amazing time or you are going to be the death of me. I’m hoping for the former!

Dear Heidelberg English shop. I am not impressed that you’ve moved away from opposite the train station. Now I’m actually going to have to go into town for the things I need to make Christmas dinner. So much for my “quick” trip to Heidelberg this weekend!

Dear Christmas biscuit recipes. It’s December tomorrow, which means I’m allowed to start baking! Can’t wait to try you out at the weekend.

Dear brain. There are only 3 more working weeks before I’m off for Christmas. I know you’re tired, but please don’t give up on me now!

Dear Eddie Izzard tickets. I was planning to buy you this month, but I can’t afford you as well as Christmas (and everything I have planned over the next few weeks). Please, please, please don’t sell out before I get paid next!


Friday letters

I spotted this over on Moose Noose and thought I would join in this week.

Dear senders of packages. PLEASE do not use Hermes! They don’t turn up when they say they’re going to, regularly fail to ring the doorbell when they do turn up and the opening hours of their so-called “packet shop” (in a dry cleaners) are even worse than the post office!

Dear Friday. You have no idea how pleased I am to see you! It’s been a looong week. But on the plus side, I have managed to amass some more overtime, which means a day off is definitely in my future.

Dear weather. I’m loving the fact that you’ve decided to warm up again. Now if you could manage to stay like that all weekend that would be amazing!

Dear boyfriend. Thank you sooo much for suggestiong we order pizza for tea rather than me cooking something. Junk food is exactly what I need after this week.

Dear Tina Dico. It’s been almost a year now since I read that you were coming back to Karlsruhe in 2012 and around 5 months since I bought our tickets. Tomorrow it’s time for the concert. I can’t wait! And I really hope you sing One, because I love that song.

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