Trust me to hurt myself while sleeping!

Midnight (Photo:

I was in bed at 10:30 last night – early for me but still technically later than I would have to go to get a full 8 hours sleep! For once I managed to drift off quite quickly, at least once the room and warmed up a bit. Then at midnight I was woken up by a pain in my foot. At first all I knew was it hurt, but after a minute or so the pain died down enough to be able to localise it. It was at the top of my foot, towards the left hand side roughly where foot starts to become ankle. If I tried to move my toes or ankle, the pain shot down the side of my foot towards my toes. Shooting pains in my foot at midnight… lovely!

I decided to get up, to see what happened if I tried to stand. It hurt, but I was able to hobble into the living room (where Jan was still up, working) and wail “I’ve hurt my foooot”.  He proceeded to press on various parts of it to find out which bits hurt and bend each of my toes in turn to find out which ones it hurt to bend – cue lots of ows from me! Then he took an empty (and cold) pint glass that was lying on the table and started rolling it on my foot. I don’t know whether it was the motion, the smooth surface or the cool temperature, but somehow the glass worked! I still felt a little twinge of pain when I stood up, but I was able to walk back to bed without limping. Curling my toes under still hurt a bit, but the obvious answer to that was to not curl them ;-). No longer in pain, I managed to go back to sleep (until Jan came to bed half an hour later and proceeded to wake me up about 7 times by grinding his teeth in his sleep!).

Purple Feet
Feet (Photo: Jason DeRusha)

Today, my foot has been mostly fine, but I did notice it ached a bit when I walked up stairs (which I have to do constantly at work!). Still no idea what I actually did to it…

Trust me to manage to hurt myself while sleeping!