Did you know…?

Today’s blog was going to be a meme stolen from Katyboo but I’m too tired to do it, so instead I shall write a very short blog (cue sighs of relief all round) then go for a nap while I wait for the boyfriend to arrive.

Here are two things I’ve learned today:

1. A little Milky Way has 118 calories in it. That’s 6% of the daily allowance of calories. In one little bar! I remember that advert years ago with the two cars racing through space and “blue” won beacuse he ate the supposedly light Milky Way while red just munched his way through the planets. And now I find out Milky Way isn’t actually that light at all. Sure, 6% doesn’t sound like much but those bars are pathetic – you only get about 2 mouthfuls of chocolate out of them. Hmph.

2. The French word for question is Question. Don’t ask me how you pronounce it though – I’ve only seen it written down.

OK, that’s it. My bed is calling…