Monday Blues
Monday Blues (Photo credit: United States Marine Corps Official Page)

The epic what-we-did-in-Ireland marathon seems to have temporarily robbed my of my blogging mojo, so instead of a proper post, today I’m just going to give you some random snippets of information:

  • Today it was hot and sunny for practically the first time since we got back from our holiday (well, with the excpetion of the day after our return). Being the fool that I am, I left both my sunhat and my sunglasses at home this morning. You would think after this incident I would have learned my lesson! Luckily my route from work to the tram stop can be walked in the shade, and back in Karlsruhe I took the tram home… even though it’s only one stop. Tomorrow, rain is forecast again. So much for summer!
  • I know I promised you biscuits (cookies)… and I will be posting about them in the near future… as soon as the very idea of uploading photos to my blog doesn’t seem like a monumental effort. I’m sure you don’t want a post about biscuits without pictures, do you?
  • At the weekend, Jan and I had a very long and very draining conversation about our relationship. I still have no idea where things are going, if anywhere… but he did say the last 3-4 months have been great, which makes him think he does want a future with me. Buuut generally he still doesn’t know what he wants. From our relationship, from life… he just doesn’t know. I’ve agreed to stay until Janaury… again (sound familiar in any way?). Because I’m weak I actually think we make a good couple and I hope things will work out between us. Also, I can’t actually afford to move out right now, so once we get back from our trip to England I’ll start saving up so I can actually pay the deposit on a flat come January!
  • Tomorrow is the quiz and I’ve never felt less knowledgeable… except maybe last month. Ick.
  • It’s only Monday and already I feel like I’m behind on this week’s work. So. Much. To. Do! I think I need another holiday already…
  • Speaking of holidays… only 18 days until I fly to England for a week! I really need to get a move on with finding a dress for the christening…

That’s all I can think of, and I have to get in some exercise before I start cooking, so this is where I leave you. Proper post coming up tomorrow… maybe.



T minus 27 days and counting…

It is now February, and we all know what February means, don’t we? It means I have reached the final month of my probation period at work. One day down, 27 to go and then… the moment of truth. Will I be allowed to continue working there, or or will everything that’s gone wrong with the latest big job tip the scales in the other direction? Only time will tell… in the meantime I’m working like a demon and trying not to think about it too much. Which shouldn’t actually be too difficult this week… if today is any indication of what’s to come I won’t have time to think until at least Friday afternoon. Don’t bother coming here for any wit and wisdom this week, my brain has already turned to mush and it’s only Monday! (Not that it’s worth coming here for wit and wisdom any week, but that’s besides the point…).

Anyway, that’s enough rambling for today. The boyfriend is on his way home and I haven’t even started making tea yet. I’d better getting cracking or I’ll never get to bed tonight!
Oh, and in case anyone was wondering I didn’t go and buy a washing machine at the weekend. The trip to IKEA didn’t come off either. I did manage to buy a new quilt cover from REAL though. That’s good too, right? Baby steps…

I’m so not ready for the weekend to be over

Thoughts I’ve had so far this morning:

– Hmm, it’s snowed in the night. Looks like I’m going to get wet feet again.
– Crap, it’s quarter past and I haven’t even had breakfast yet.
– Why does the stupid toaster have to take so long to toast?
– Where’s my purse? I need my tram ticket.

Oh well, at least I slept fairly well last night.
Happy Monday everyone. *Sigh*

And thus begins another week.

Another Monday morning. Once again the weekend went by far too fast. Not really surprising considering it’s only two days, and yet it does surprise me. Every single time.

Alarm Clock 2
Photo: Alan Cleaver

It’s been another one of those fun mornings where I wanted to stay in bed for five more minutes only to end up with the alarm somehow switched off instead of just snoozing. I’m starting to think it switches itself off after a certain number of snoozes. It’s the only explanation that makes sense cos it’s actually pretty difficult to press the off button by mistake. Anyway, this time I was lucky. I woke up at 3 minutes to 7 instead of 25 past.

The first time the alarm went off it woke me up from a dream in which Jan and I were getting a lift home with 3 people who were actually ghosts. The alarm beeped just as the ghosts were about to crash the car in the same place that they had died. If Jan had been there to give me a hug I wouldn’t have needed to keep pressing snooze. As it was I was still too creeped out by the dream to risk getting out from under the quilt. Yes, I know I’m pathetic.

Oh, and something has bitten me on my leg. Something vicious it seems, judging by the size of the lump. And I didn’t even hear the squeeee. The bastards are getting sneaky…

Anyway, gotta go. I’m currently trying to eat breakfast and type at the same time and I have to leave for work in 5 minutes…