Return to Oz

I am back. Actually we got back last night but then I discovered my camera’s memory card had broken and destroyed all my pictures so Jan spent most of last night and this morning on the computer trying to rescue them. He saved about half, the rest are gone forever. Most irritating.

Anyway… we had a great time, despite having to rush around like loonies to fit everything in. We arrived on Wednesday morning after spending Tuesday night at Dublin airport. Strangely enough we were tired, so we went to bed for most of Wednesday afternoon. We were forced to get up again fairly early though when my Grandparents came over to see us. Then that night my dad took us out for curry. Thursday was spent in Edinburgh where Jan and I went sightseeing before meeting up with the others again to take my brother to a pub for his first legal drink. Later we went off on our own again and met a girl who I used to be an intern with before catching the train home. And Friday was the busiest day – a trip to Halifax in Morpeth to take out some money which then had to be paid into my other bank so that my uni can steal it for tuition fees (booo!) then we went to my Grandma’s for lunch before my dad drove us back to Bedlington where we popped across to see my friend Shell and her baby boy Dylan. He’s 7 months old now and gorgeous! After playing with the baby for a while and drinking a cup of tea it was time to dash back to my house and beg my dad for a lift down to the doctors. I had an appointment with the doc first then one with the nurse. The first appointment was fine – the doctir was running about 15 minutes late but that’s to be expected at a doctor’s surgery. But then we had to wait… and wait… and wait for me to see the nurse. It turns out the receptionist had only registered me as being there for the doctor’s appointment then when the nurse came out to see if I was there (while I was in with the doc) she was told I must have gone home!! Eventually I did get in to see the nurse though. By the time we finally got back home it was practically time to get ready to go out for my brother’s birthday celebration – a meal at a Mexican restaurant in Newcastle. In case anyone reading this is from the North-East of England and likes Mexican food you should definitely go to Blue Coyote in Newcastle. The food is excellent, massive portions, lots of choice and reasonably priced. Exactly what I like in a restaurant.

So much fun was had by all. It’s just a shame I have to be back at work tomorrow. I’m not ready to stop relaxing yet…

Bevchen predicts….

I’m never going in one of those stupid Kart things again. My arms are still sore, as is my back, which made my half hour tram journey to work lots of fun this morning. The next time Jan’s friends decide to organise a reunion I’m making sure we do an activity that I like!

So, did everyone hear about the flooding in Morpeth? Apparantly it was bad enough to be mentioned on German news! Jan called my last night to tell me about it – he’d seen it on Tagesschau and thought I should know because my Grandparents live there. Both sets, or rather one set and the female half of the other set. I’m pretty sure none of my family were affected though. I mean, surely someone would have told me if they were. Anyway, Grandma S lives on top of a hill so she’ll have been fine. Morpeth High Street wasn’t though – BBC news says “at its peak Morpeth High Street was under 2 ft of water”. Slightly soggy then! Where my dad’s parents live wasn’t mentioned though and according to another site their street was only on flood watch, as opposed to flood warning, so that’s alright.

I don’t know what else to write about now. I was going to do question time seeing as I did the last two Mondays but I haven’t had enough interesting questions this week.
Oh, here’s something though. A few months ago I wrote a blog about Amazon seeimg to think because I own The Secret Garden I might be interested in a Gordon Ramsey cookbook, a connection that I still haven’t quite managed to understand. Well, over the past few weeks I’ve had about 20 hits on my blog from people searcing Google for things like “Secret Garden Ramsey” and “Gordon Ramsey Secret Garden”. What’s that all about? Has Mr Ramsey actually gone and made himself a secret garden? Did my blog predict it? Am I the next Nostradamus? So many questions…