I was going to revive question time…

Those of you who’ve been reading for a while may remember question time. Basically I check my blog stats, find the most interesting search engine terms that have led people here then list them in a blog post, complete with my answers/comments. Unfortunately the most interesting searches I’ve had in months are “bee carving” (my first thought was ‘what?!’, closely followed by ‘poor bees!’) and “how to tell who sent you an anonymous valentine” (uh, you don’t. That’s why it’s anonymous). All the rest are even more boring, which does not a good question time make. And so I’m left with… nothing. I can’t even tell you about my weekend because I spent yesterday at work (company anniversary event) and we all know blogging about work can never be good. So instead you get a non-post type post, which I’m only writing because nothing’s happening on Facebook and I need some excuse not to go and mop the kitchen floor…


Oh weekend, how do I love thee

This has been a long week. OK, officially it’s been the same length as every other week. It seemed much, much longer though. Who invented 5 day working weeks anyway? I would love to track whoever it was down and shoot him! (It has to have been a him, surely no woman would have come up with anything so insane?)

So yesterday was Friday. The end of the week. A night for meeting up with friends, having a few drinks and planning the weekend ahead. At least I seem to remember that’s what Friday evenings were meant to be like. I wouldn’t know. Last night, having tidied the living room (an event that practically deserves a blog post of its very own. Or a fanfare at least) I was in bed by 10:45. Not even in bed reading either – although that was what I had intended to do. I picked up some new books from my local bookcrossing zone last weekend and I was looking forward to getting started on Two Caravans. But I was too exhausted to even write a blog(!!) so it was straight out with the lights. I think I need a holiday. As in some actual time off work, not just a weekend away. Paris was nice but it wasn’t particularly relaxing.

God, it’s 25 past 10. Where does the time go? And I have so much to do this morning. Wash dishes (which have been sitting there since Tuesday!), finally post the present for my friend’s baby who was born 3 weeks ago! Make cakes for Fest at my old student residence this afternoon (will explain that later when I have more time), take out the rubbish which is staring at my accusingly even as I type. Washing – handwashing no less, for I have no washing machine and the boyfriend is in bloody America. Aaargh, so much to do! See, this is why 5 day weeks are a bloody crap idea!