Friday Letters and Daily Diaries: 19–25 April 2014

There were no Friday letters or Daily Diaries last week because I decided to start my Easter long weekend by being lazy and not doing anything… including walking to the other room to switch on the computer! We then ended up spontaneously having friends over to watch films in the evening, so I didn’t do any blogging then either. But today I’m linking up with Kate again.

Friday letters

Dear nails. I don’t know what your problem is, but I wish you would stop splitting and breaking all the time! Not only do I find it very unfair that most of you are now shorter than when I used to bite them… your sharp edges and rough bits are ruining all my tights! Please stop it.

Dear Deutsche Bahn. Thank you sooo much for sending a train with one carriage missing on a Friday when loads of people who are going away for the weekend are catching said train. //End of sarcasm.

Dear healthy eating. I promise I will start you again soon, but there was no possible way I could resist my colleague’s cake. I mean, the base tastes like Forrero Rocher! How could I not take a slice for breakfast this morning before it was all gone?

Dear Germans. There is no such word as advices! And while we’re on the subject, informations is not a word either.

Daily Diaries

Amneville zooSaturday/Sunday. As I’ve said above, we hosted a movie night on Good Friday (Hmm, I always insist on saying film because I am not American, but somehow movie night sounds better…). Everyone left pretty late, so I didn’t exactly get up early on Saturday! Once I was awake, I don’t really remember what I did, other than have a cup of tea and some toast. In the afternoon, I did a gorcery shop then, once I’d unpacked the shopping, Jan and I went over to our friends’ place to check on their birds, who we were looking after for a few days. They seemed pretty happy, so we gave them some fresh water and a bit of food then left them to it. On the way home, we finally tried out a little Italian café near us. We each had a delicious pastry and a coffee – espresso for Jan and cappucino for me. Back at home, we watched the Newcastle vs Swansea match (wish I hadn’t bothered!) then Jan got on with some work while I made sausage rolls to eat for lunch the next day. Then I made tea and we ate it while watching the first two episodes of Fawlty Towers (I got Jan the boxset for his birthday). And that was Saturday. As for Sunday, well I’ve already told you we went to the zoo in France. In case you missed that post, you can read all about it here.

Monday. It was Easter Monday, so no work. Hooray! To be honest, I have no idea what I actually did all day though. We went to check on the birds again and I did some cross stitch (a new baby card this time) but that’s all I remember…

Tuesday. Back to work… not much to tell. I made sweet potato and chickpea curry for tea and we watched more Fawlty Towers.

Wednesday. Work. In honour of St George’s Day, tea was bangers and mash followed by home made apple crumble. Jan was home late so there was no time to watch anything before my bed time. I also discovered downloading Welcome to Night Vale onto my BlackBerry actually works. Woop!

Thursday. Woke up with a sore throat (booo!). Tried to listen to Welceom to Night Vale on the way to work and discovered that an episode is about five minutes too long for my commute. Noooo! My colleague brought cake into work with a base that tasted like crushed up Ferrero Rocher (see letter above). The middle layer was cream and the top consisted of sour cherries. Soooo tasty! After work, I took a package to the post office, popped to the supermarket then came home for food. Jan had choir practice (not at my place this time) so I downloaded another episode of Wlecome to Night Vale and listened to it in bed while sipping on Beechams hot blackcurrant (which I’m sure tasted less horrible when I was a kid!).

Friday. That would be today. I’m at work, obviously 😉 I ate some more of my colleague’s cake for breakfast, then got on with some proofreading. Currently I’m on my lunch break eating a Thai chickpea curry ready meal (I may have developed an obsession with chick peas…). Tonight I’m invited to a leaving party, but before that I have two more jobs to complete this afternoon. Annnd tomorrow I’m off to Heidelberg to meet up with some other expat bloggers in Germany. I’m both excited and terrified (what if they don’t like meeee)! And now I’m off to finish my lunch… have a great weekend everyone!
Daily Diaries with Diaries of an Essex Girl

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What nobody tells you about having nails


Let's ignore my lack of painting skills and focus on the length...
Let’s ignore my lack of painting skills and focus on the length…

As those of you who know me in real life will be aware, one of my worst habits is biting my nails. Or at least it was. You see, an unexpected side effect of having my wisdom teeth out was that, after three weeks of being unable to bite or chew properly, I suddenly had nails that were actually deserving of being labelled such (and worth putting nail varnish on). And I’m determined to keep them that way! But since then, I’ve discovered a number of things that none of the people who scolded me for biting my nails ever thought to mention…

  1. They catch on things! Tights, scarves, handbag straps… you name it, my nails will find a way to get caught on it!
  2. This is sort of related to the first one but… nails like to scratch! I managed to scratch my neck the other day while putting a scarf around it, and I have scratches on my legs, too. You’d think I’d been in a fight with a cat!
  3. Things get stuck behind them. Want to bake biscuits? Be prepared for dough behind your nails! That packet of crisps? Will leave half its flavouring behind your nails. Am I the only one that finds this incredibly annoying?
  4. When they get bent back, it hurts!! I actually knew this already because for a few years I’ve managed to keep the little nail on my left hand fairly long while the others either got bitten or broken off. But nobody bothers telling you that, do they?
  5. If you’re right handed, cutting the nails on your right hand is an exercise in frustration! I’m almost afraid to even cut those nails now in case I completely ruin them. How do other people with long nails do it? (I also can’t paint the nails on my right hand to save my life… my left hand is basically useless, so this particular problem may well be all my own).
  6. They get in the way. I try to pick something up (like a pencil) and my nails get there first. Typing leads to nails hitting the keyboard. Opening packaging? Nails prevent me from getting a proper grip! But the place that they get in the way the most is the kitchen… especially when I’m chopping. One of these days we’re going to be eating chicken risotto with added nail clippings. Mmmm, tasty! I’m hoping this is something that I’ll get used to and figure out a way round…

On the bright side, at least I don’t have to be ashamed to show my hands on photographs any more 😉