The Door in the Lake

The other day I read a book from the list, The Door in the Lake by Nancy Butts. That’s 4 books down and another… oh, at least two hundred to go. And I’m adding new ones all the time. (Just so you know, the link up there takes you to the short version of the list. The actual list is a physical one… meaning it’s hand written on paper. The pieces of paper live in a ring binder… which is now about half full. Will I actually get round to reading them all? Probably not. I’m going to give it a damn good try though… )

This book is a children’s book (yes, i read children’s books…). Amazon recommends it for 11-13 year olds. I’d say its suitable for slightly younger kids as well, providing their reading skills are up to it.
So what’s the book about?, you ask.
12 year old Joey Finney disappears while camping near the lake with his family and best friends. Two years later he walks into a shop, sees his own face on a milk carton and passes out. He has no memory of the time that’s passed and doesn’t look a day older than when he disappeared.
I enjoyed most of the book. Joey’s struggle to fit back in at high school while coping with the addition of a baby sister to the family and the fact that his younger brother was now taller and appeared older was well written and interesting. It was over a bit too quickly for me (I could have done with more answers!) but overall it wasn’t bad. I’m sure I’ll read it again some day…