Go get crafty – it’s for a good cause!

My attention was drawn to this by Welsh Girl, who’s blog you can read here.

Made4aid is a new charity project set up by this blogger and some friends.
The idea is for people to send in hand-made stuff (handbags, scarves, postcards… stuff like that. I’m thinking of converting a photo to cross stitch and making that for them, cross stitch being the only even vaguely crafty thing I can do) which will then be auctioned off on the made4aid blog. The proceeds go to charity… initially they are supporting relief work in refugee camps in Darfur, later other charities may be chosen. For more information on the project and what kind of stuff they’re looking for and to find out where to send your donations (I know I have some creative readers out there who would just love to make something for such a good cause) check out the made4aid website. And for those of you who have nothing to donate but still want to help get on over to the blog and see if you can find something to bid on. It’s all for charity after all and there are some pretty nice things on there…