I was going to revive question time…

Those of you who’ve been reading for a while may remember question time. Basically I check my blog stats, find the most interesting search engine terms that have led people here then list them in a blog post, complete with my answers/comments. Unfortunately the most interesting searches I’ve had in months are “bee carving” (my first thought was ‘what?!’, closely followed by ‘poor bees!’) and “how to tell who sent you an anonymous valentine” (uh, you don’t. That’s why it’s anonymous). All the rest are even more boring, which does not a good question time make. And so I’m left with… nothing. I can’t even tell you about my weekend because I spent yesterday at work (company anniversary event) and we all know blogging about work can never be good. So instead you get a non-post type post, which I’m only writing because nothing’s happening on Facebook and I need some excuse not to go and mop the kitchen floor…


First I really must apologise for my last post, for which the only accurate description would be self-pitying whine. I promise at some point I will write something interesting to make up for it. Probably not any time soon though. My inspiration levels are currently somewhere below zero. I can’t even think of anything ridiculous to craft out of vegetables for the Belgian Waffle Virtual Village Fête 2009, which, by the way, you should all participate in. Because who wouldn’t want to get creative with cake and soft stuff? It’s the way forward I’m telling you!

Oh, and I almost forget to mention that I’ve been invited for a job interview on Monday afternoon. So if you could all keep your fingers crossed and stuff I’d be most grateful.

Umm, that is all. I’m going to have a cup of tea now.

A proper post… perhaps

I promised you all a proper blog post today. The only problem is now I’m here I can’t think of a single interesting thing to tell you. There is lots to catch up on, of course, but where to begin?

Having the internet back may be a very positive thing for my mental health and my relationship (I swear Jan and I argue more when I can’t blog every day!) but I have a feeling it’s going to be very, very bad for my bank balance. I’ve already been on Amazon, checking out my recommendations and wondering which book to treat myself to. As if being back online wasn’t treat enough! And once I’ve written this I’m thinking of taking myself over to the pixum website to get some of the photos from Paris printed. Is having instant access to places that want to take money from me really such a good thing? Thank god blogging’s free!

Speaking of money… my bank wrote to me yesterday. Apparantly they still need documents to do with my Mietkautionskonto (if you want to know what that is look in my blog archives. I’m too lazy to explain again now). But I gave back all the forms they told me to fill in and they never told me to bring them anything else. I bet they’ve gone and lost their copy of the form and are trying to pin the blame on me. Sounds about right for a bank.

So how are you all anyway? What have you all been doing while I’ve been away? Tell you what… I’ll just come on over and see for myself shall I? As soon as I’ve ordered myself some nice new reading material for the tram…

Past it

There’s a new guy on my floor. He moved in a week ago and I met him in the kitchen tonight.
Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Hi, are you new here?
New Guy: Yeah.
Me: I’m Bev
Him: I’m J…
Me: So, when did you move in?
Him: last Tuesday…

It continued along those lines. I asked him what he’s studying and where. He asked me whether the exams at the end of my bachelor’s degree were hard, whereabouts in England I’m from and whether it’s true what they say about Great Britain and rain. That was pretty much it. At that point the conversation fizzled out and he left the kitchen.

This is pretty much representative of my conversations with anyone who moves into my building. I just have nothing to say to them. These people are all 18 or 19 years old. Up until a few months ago they were still at school. I look at them and think “God, you’re younger than my sister. You’re almost as young as my brother.”
I’m 25 years old and thse people make me feel bloody ancient!
Get me out of here?

August. Blink too often and you’ll miss it.

I have nothing to say at the moment, but I feel like now I’ve started this blog I must write something every single day. No idea why – perhaps I’m afraid an evil creature will come and get me if I don’t.

Oooh, speaking of evil creatures… I have been saved from the scary, scary moths. On Friday eveing I saw another of the creepy little bugs in my cupboard. It was just sitting there on the top shelf trying to look all innocent.. then it flew out and touched me!! Scream? I did! Jan, who was watching TV at the time, called me pathetic then told me to just go away, he would deal with it. So I did. And he did. He took everything off the top shelf of the cupboard, threw away some pudding rice and a tub of vanilla cappucinio (apparantly there were moths sitting on the cappucino. On the lid that is. No idea why – it’s not like there was any way for them to get to the powder inside). Then he washed out the cupboard, put my remaining food back in and since then I’ve been moth free. A whole 3 days now. Woo hoo!

Time is zooming away from me again. Already August is more than half over. Actually, it’s kind of a good thing that August is more than half over… I’m getting very low on money and need it to hurry up and be the end of the month… pay day! But still… how is this already the third week of my new internship? My last place of work is starting to seem almost like a distant memory. No wonder I never manage to get everything done… it seems like every time I blink I open my eyes to find that an hour’s passed.

See… it just did it again. It’s 7:45pm now and I haven’t done a single useful thing this evening! How do other people manage to hold down full time jobs and keep on top of all their housework and bring up children, all at the same time? With only one small room to keep tidy and no children to worry about I can’t even manage to keep on top of my laundry! Just more evidence that I’d be the world’s worst housewife I guess…