I made it! Today was my last day at work. I’m officially on holiday now. My colleague and I got presents from the bosses – a bottle of champagne and the biggest box of Lindt chocolates ever. And my boss, who stayed at home today, called me after I’d left work and left a message on my mobile (which was still on silent from work) to wish me a Merry Christmas. I was allowed to leave at 4:30 which was nice because I still have a million and one things to do before I leave tomorrow… which would explain why I’m writing a blog instead of doing them. Yes, I really know how to prioritise. I have been home for over an hour though, and in that time I’ve managed to write out my last remaining Christmas cards. Now I’m off into town to get the posted and buy one or two last minute bits and bobs that need to come to England with me. Then it’ll be back home to finish wrapping Christmas gifts (and my sister’s birthday present), sort out which clothes I’m taking and get my room sorted. Then it’ll be time for the Christmas party on my floor and at some point Jan will be coming over with his suitcase for me to put my stuff into. Looking at the pile of presents I have waiting to be packed I’m almost certain we’re going to end up paying humongous fees to get the luggage on the areoplane… and since we’re flying to Dublin then to Newcastle we’ll have to pay twice. Which reminds me, really must get some money out while I’m in town…

OK, better get moving or I’ll never get all of that done. Wish me luck!