The never-ending week

You know how some weeks just seem to go on forever? Well, this is one of them. Is it really only Wednesday? I’ve only been back at work 3 days and I already feel like I could use a break. Mind you, I did end up staying for an extra half an hour yesterday because there was something urgent to be done. Then we had a floor meeting last night that started pretty much as soon as I got in and didn’t end until 10pm. This may explain a lot.

In case anyone’s wondering how the flat hunt is going my reply to you is “don’t ask”.
I tried to call the woman about the last one I looked at 4 times on Monday. Nobody answered, but three out of four times I got the answering machine. I left one message with my number – no call back. Yesterday I emailed the current tenants to ask if they know another way of contacting the woman. No reply. I tried calling again and left another message. Still no reply. It’s like a bloody conspiracy! So now I’ve given up and resumed my search. I can see this  going on for a while…