What time is it?

Today has been so incredibly slow. I would look at the clock thinking at least an hour must have passed since the last time only to discover that actually it was only 15 minutes later and still more than 3 hours til home time. Not good people. I suppose it didn’t help that I’m soo flippin’ tired. Again. I even went to bed at a sensible time last night (10:30pm), was tired enough that it took me less than an hour to fall asleep, despite the boyfriend not being here, and I still woke up tired. Gah, I just can’t win!
Then after spending the whole day thinking it was later that it was I got to Marktplatz to find it so empty and quiet it seemed like it muct be really late at night. I suppose everyone must have been inside hiding from the dark and cold and rain, but it was most disconcerting. It was a Thursday night immediately after work. Lots of people should have been about. I found them all a bit later though – there was a huge queue in Aldi. At least something was the way it normally is…