Preparing for another busy weekend

The other week when Jan and I were in Mannheim we saw a poster (in the window of the tea shop we went in) advertising an English picnic in Ludwigshafen. It’s a cultural event apparantly, organised by Initiative Buchkultur, an organisation whose aim seems to be to promote the publiscation of “nice, good and well-made books” (sorry, I’m translating from the German here) because there are too many “cheap” books (in terms of both content and the way they are made), bad translations and books that haven’t been properly proofread. Fair enough.

So the picnic is taking place this Sunday. There are various different activities taking place… croquet, some performance by a Sherlock Holmes club, English folk music and more. Jan is mostly interested in the English beer tasting session at 2pm; I like the sound of the cream tea at 5. And, one of the items on my 101 Things list is “have a picnic in a town I’ve never been to before”. I’ve never been to Ludwigshafen before (even though it’s only 55 minutes away by slow train!) so that will be another item to cross off my list. Excellent!
That is, of course, providing we actually make it to Ludwigshafen…

I’m having a party tomorrow night, partly as a belated birthday celebration and partly because I’ve been promising to host a flat-warming party for months. So, two birds with one stone and all that…
I’ve asked people to come early (7pm… that is early for a German party!) in the hope that the party will also finish early (around 2am instead of after the sun comes up would be nice…) but we shall see what happens.

Yes, another busy weekend ahead, and today is preparation day. I have been shopping twice… but still don’t actually have everything because I’m running out of money! The living room is swept and the kitchen has been mopped. So now I just need to finish tidying the bedroom (aargh, where am I going to put everything?!), do the dishes (ugh, just kill me now…) and make cheese scones for the picnic. Tomorrow I have to make chilli, nachos and chocolate fudge cake for the party so there won’t be time to make picnic food as well. Urgh, sooo much to do, and seeing it written down like this makes it seem like even more. I guess I’d better get on with it then…


Party, Party, Party

I’ve been so busy the last few days. On Thursday it was my birthday (as you all know by now). The boyfriend and I went for a curry, which was delicious, then to the bar in the student residence where I used to live. Jan left at around 3:30am because he was going away for the weekend, but I was there until 8 o’clock on Friday morning. Then on Friday, once I finally managed to drag myself out of bed, I went and bought the ingredients for cheese scones which I then baked for the leaving party I was invited to that night. It was a night time picnic in the park, which was nice. And finally, last night, I was back in the student residence for a birthday party. This time I made cookies and stayed til around 2am. It was all good fun but now I think I’m partied out… at least until Saturday when I shall be hosting my own birthday party….


The birthday picnic worked a lot better than expected. The sun was shining when I woke up this morning, and by the time we headed to the Schlosspark it was about 23 degrees. There ended up being 10 of us. Everyone brought a little something along – cake mainly, but my friend Lisa brought a salad. And anyway, since when has lots of cake been a bad thing? I made cheese scones, which I had to mix my own self-raising flour for. Can you believe Germany, with its reputation for efficiency and order, hasn’t discovered the joys of self-raising flour yet? They turned out ok though, and ended up being a real hit – Kat has now asked me to send her the recipe for them! So I shall have to translate my copy into German later…

We managed to get rid of most of the food. Including a huge bowl of fruit salad that I was convinced would be enough to feed an entire army. Mind you, Chris ate three huge bowls of the stuff by himself. It’s amazing how much food men can shovel into themselves! I would literally explode if I even tried to keep up.

It’s 5 past 9 now and I’m feeling rather sleepy. An afternoon of sunshine and non-stop eating will do that to a girl. Jan’s gone to install some software at the French centre where he works occasionally, sorting out there computer programmes. Hopefully he won’t be long and we can have a nice relaxing evening together. The perfect end to a lovely pickernicky day.


Yesterday I was sent home early because it was my birthday. Today I was sent home early because the boss wanted to go home early. I think he was bored. It was an incredibly quiet day at the office. Between 8:30am and when I left the phone rang twice! At least I had a translation to keep me occupied.

I haven’t really got anything to write about at the moment. The day after a birthday is always a bit of an anticlimax really. You have a whole day of everyone paying attention to you and being nice then you’re supposed to just forget about it and go back to normal. I get to be the centre of attention again on Saturday though so I can’t really complain 😉

I’m currently busy trying to plan my birthday picnic, but it’s proving to be rather difficult. I asked people to let me know by today whether they could make it. So far I have 4 people who are definitely coming, one who probably is and two people have told me they definitely can’t make it. The four people who are coming are two couples, so that means I’ve technically only had 5 responses. And I sent a lot more than 5 emails. So one of two things is probably going to happen. 1) I’ll make food for the people I know are coming. Ten more people will turn up. I won’t have enough food for everyone. 2) I’ll make enough food for all the people that might be coming. Five people will show up. I’ll be living on left over picnic food for the next two weeks. I think I’ll go with scenario number two – at least that way I’ll have stuff to take along for my lunch next week 😉

Greetings from Jamaica… I mean Germany

Wow, I seem to have done nothing but complain in my blogs lately. I’ve got a headaaaache, my boyfriend is lying in my bed with a hangover, the nasty people kept me awake all night… moan, moan, moan.  You wouldn’t think it, but actually I’m really happy at the moment. I’m liking the new job, I have a wonderful boyfriend who comes over late at night to look after me when I have sunstroke. Everything’s great. But none of the good stuff is worth writing about. I shall try to make an effort to be more cheerful though – I don’t want complete strangers thinking I’m a grumpy cow do I? The fact that I am is irrelevant… total strangers don’t need to know that 😉

So the weather is very odd today. It’s 27 degrees outside… and it’s raining. It’s a bit like being in some tropical country, except it’s actually Karlsruhe and it’s really not tropical at all. But if I closed my eyes and ignored all the people speaking German it would be almost like being in Jamaica. Sort of. I’m hoping the heat will stay and the rain will be blown away to somewhere else by Saturday. I’m having a picnic in the Schlosspark (castle gardens) and I would prefer not to celebrate my 25th birthday sitting in a puddle eating a soggy bread roll while water drips off my nose. It would be slightly depressing and far too much like being in England.

Wow, how much of a sterotypical Brit am I? Always talking about the weather…